Friday, February 18, 2011


Dear New Blog Friends & Followers,
WOW! What a response from my original post and introduction that I am entering the blog world. In my personal & business growth, I never would have imagined the chance to impact others… in an idea, a laugh or a moment to give another mom the support that she is not alone.  That being said, I feel a lot of responsibility.  ;o)  I’ve had a lot of initial questions today and I will start to answer those and the topics you suggested – as you can tell, this won’t just be “my” blog; it’ll be a blog for all of us as we tap into each other’s strengths… from the US, Canada and Australia at this time.  We are still moms who are building our families & businesses under the same stars.
Easy questions are: 
  1. Yes, please “follow” this blog. Click on FOLLOW, make sure you are signed into your Blogger account. You can choose to publicly follow (meaning your little icon shows up on the widget) or you can follow privately (your little icon won't show up on the widget).  
  2. My goal is to blog 2-3 times a week Monday through Friday.  Unless you have pertinent business or shows/events, I hope you can enjoy the downtime of the weekend.  Kick up your heels with friends, go to & watch the kids’ sports, reflect with your faith and take time for YOU!  Moms will take care of everyone else first; this is permission to take time for you.   
  3. No, I don’t think blogging will be stressful.  The only stressful part of this blog is deciding *what* to write about first – there is not necessarily a rhyme or reason to the order of entries. Ideas consist of scheduling business & family, recipes, organization, family (in-laws), making phone calls with kiddos, foods (organic, dyes, & more), traveling, WAHM, SAHM & WOHM needs.  Not enough room to list all the suggestions, but keep ‘em coming. 
Until the next entry…. I wish you success.  –Danielle

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hi & welcome to my official blog. It’s a little intimidating to say “official,” but after many hours of brainstorming, prayer and support from my family, friends, and ‘team’ members in my lives, I decided to start this site.  My name is Danielle Mohr and I’m a mom of three kiddos (elementary age and younger), speech pathologist and entrepreneur in a home business industry.

On this site, you will find a wide range of information for business, family, kiddos, and more.  I’ll also offer tips & tricks for moms in home-business regardless of your industry on how to reach your potential; it’s all about balance.  I’m often asked “how I do it?” and now instead of answering and helping one person at a time, I hope I can help more (regardless of work outside of the home, stay at home or have a home-based business) families. I have also twisted smart, witty and wonderful peers to add their insight as this blogging adventure begins.

There is nothing ‘special’ in my degrees.  I am similar to you in at least one way - I am passionate about living the best life for our family and enjoying all of life’s moments & milestones.  I want to help YOU do it as well.  I want to inspire you and empower you!  If you have questions or a specific topic you want me to address, please send an email at  I will answer it without identifying you, but your question may be the same another wants to ask.

I'm here to help YOU!  Cheering you on -Danielle