Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Thanking Your Employees & Downlnes?

No matter your business, you as the owner or manager are similar to that of a Coach.  Your employees, sales reps, downlines and others within your company are part of your team and you are the Coach.  And just like any team, the performance of each individual player affects the performance and image of the entire team.

Now-a-days, you see a turn-over within a business as employees look for other options.  Not always do employees leave for bigger & better things, some employees leave because they did not feel appreciated.  You will find yourself in a cycle of training employees who leave, thus costing you time and money.

Do you send them a thank you card, a gift or even say "Hey, you did a great job!"  Have you ever thought what a difference your note of appreciation or gratitude for their efforts, performance or success would have on the employee?!?  We all have an innate desire to be appreciated... what if it were so simple as sharing your thoughts in written words.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." -Wm Authur Ward.  Allow us to show you how easy it is to use a system for personal & business needs - for customers, employees and downlines. Take a couple minutes and show someone you care... you appreciate them.

We are making a difference for many and will be there to help you make a difference too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

SMARTER Goal Setting

It seems we have more success when we review our month of action – here we reflect and revise.  We take a look and evaluate if we achieved the goals set for this month.  Then we edit as necessary – maybe we need to be more realistic or maybe we need to stretch and challenge ourselves a bit more. The most important thing we can do is to keep moving forward and set new monthly goals & action items.  (Remember the “Just Keep Swimming” blog entry. J)
Goal Setting – it’s something we all want to do, but sometimes don’t know how to get started.  Take a moment to write your goals you want to achieve… make a list…. business, personal, family or financial goals.  When you have a list, prioritize your goals – more than one item can be #1.  But after you have prioritized the goals, the next step is a bit tougher.  Why are these goals so important? If you achieve these goals, what does it mean to you? To your family?  There is probably more than one answer to that question.
So, how to begin – just think “SMARTER.”
  • S=Specific
  • M=Measurable
  • A=Action oriented
  • R=Realistic
  • T=Time deadline
  • E=Excuses
  • R= Reward 
The first step, write SPECIFIC goals – if you give clarity to your goal, you give clarity to your mind, your partner/family and know what is expected. 
Make your goals MEASUREABLE – if you don’t measure the goal, it is only an intention.  Perhaps your measure is in weight (pounds), finances (manicure or car payment), or time.
There are steps that will help your goal be ACTION oriented.  How are others energized by your goal? These others don’t need to know where you are heading; however, you need to.  I totally believe in an Accountability Partner, so if you don’t have one – get one. J This could be someone to check in with for miles walked, a meet-up at the gym, phone calls or meetings – anything, but we seem to follow-thru when we are accountable to someone other than just ourselves.
All goals are achievable. And we are a “Shoot for the Moon” family, but in all the goals we’ve created, we always make them REALISTIC.  Look at your goals, say them aloud and attain them – stating you want to make $500/month is realistic and achievable to pay for your car payment.  Your subconscious will support this statement & goal more than if you shoot for $1M this month before you hit the other realistic goals. Given the TIME deadline & your resources, are you likely to reach this – keep your goal high enough to stretch, but realistic to obtain.
Speaking of TIME deadlines, do you have a specific date to complete or earn the goal? You can also break the goal down into steps or smaller accomplishments to gauge progress.  Members of our CardsAndMohr team do this – whether than have been with us for a week or a year.  Some of our business goals are now goals for our team. We love coaching others to success.
Now for EXCUSES, get rid of them!  You are the only one standing in front of your success.
And finally, remember to REWARD yourself and your family, after-all your partner & family have been supportive in achieving these goals.
Remember just as you have the goals and action items, you must do just that…. take action every day. For those of us in SendOutCards, it is as easy as sending a heart-felt card a day, a gift a week or doing a gift-account walk-thru in person, phone or Skype session.  And while you are taking action, keep yourself accountable. As mentioned, use an accountability partner or journal about your activities or keep a scorecard.  SendOutCard has a great scorecard called the “Daily 8” and it a great reminder for my action items & keeps our eye on the prize (goal). 
Finally, with all this talk of scorecards, goals, etc… Sign Your Name… Yep, sign on the dotted line below your goals.  Make a commitment to your goal, your business, your family, and your future.  Now shoot for the moon – we are here to help along the way… consider us your Success Coach. Sincerely, Danielle & Tim

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow - Exciting Stats

During the first 143 days of 2011 Send Out Cards averaged 31 new customers a day.  During the last two weeks we averaged 446 new customers a day! If my math is right, our customer base is growing 1450% faster since the new retail changes! From Jan. 1 - May 23rd of 2011 Send Out Cards added 4383 customers. In the last 2 weeks we have added 6238 new customers! That's more new customers in 2 weeks than the previous 20 weeks!

The summer is one of our slowest times of year for growth! Imagine what November and December will look like.  If you want to more know about the Retail Options or how to start a SOC business of your own, check out our Send Out Cards page.  Your time is now - shoot for the moon!  <3 Danielle

Friday, June 10, 2011

Advice for Grads & Reminders for the Rest of Us

The past month we’ve been helping families create and send numerous graduation cards.  I think the unique ability to create their own cards with as many photos as they desired set their invitations apart.  As we celebrate the 2011 graduates, I have flashbacks to my own commencements… high school, college and graduate school.  It sounds cliché, but the statements of “Live your dreams” or “You are in control of your destiny” are pretty prominent and very true as we have the future in our hands. We make our own decisions.

There was a commencement address of from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who told the graduates of the Boston College School of Law, “My advice to you is to stay optimistic. Things usually have a way of working out.”  Again, it’s cliché to say; however, it is very true - the future is not like it used to be.  No longer do you need to work 40 hours a week for forty years… I really enjoyed the book, “The Business of the 21st Century” by Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert T. Kiyosaki.  He makes great statements and questions – and sums it up by saying ‘you need to take charge of your future by taking control of your income source – today! You need your own business.”

If you’re like us, you might think “Oh, really?” How am I going to have my own business?  Well, Mr. Kiyosaki, our family and numerous others would tell you to look at Direct Sales or Network Marketing.  As we’ve blogged (see archive), you need to research the businesses you are interested in and consider – their history and their future… including their competition.  We have our story and so do many other entrepreneurs in other business; it’s finding what is best for you… for your family.

If I could add other nuggets, it would be:

(1) It’s going to take work. Just like any j-o-b, you will have to work for your goals; however, in direct sales (network marketing) there is no ceiling.  You can achieve more than the one who sponsored you… you don’t have to wait for someone to retire to advance in this business.
(2) Don’t be afraid of failure. I wish I could immediately put my hands on the quote about Edison and the numerous times he failed with the light bulb or Michael Jordan and the missed shots.  It basically said, “I succeed because I failed.”  [I’m sure one of you will find the full quotes for me.]
(3) Don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith… if you’ve heard a “WHAT IF” whisper – maybe you take it.  You don’t have to leave your j-o-b while you start a direct sales position… and sometimes it fits well with your current position.  But if you have goals to leave your j-o-b, then make goals… perhaps you start off to make $X/month to equal your current salary and then your next goal is to double that… and so forth. 

I will tell you after being in direct sales for nine years and only one year with SendOutCards, this is the best opportunity I have ever been part of.  I am blessed to be home with our three boys and be present for all their school, sports and extra-curricular events.  I add to our budget with a real income and save for splurges like vacations and weekend fun.  We have a team of men and women who I am empower and providing opportunities that they never thought possible.  And if you know Tim or I personally, then you know how our CardsAndMohr team’s success means more than any personal success we attain.  Seeing others obtain freedom – time, money and stress warms my heart. It's like our proud parent moments in regards to sponsoring. 

Maybe you’ve heard the “WHAT IF” whisper… maybe you had a fleeting thought for an idea… there is no better time to try it than right now. If you are inspired by an idea, follow it.  As my dear biology teacher, coach and mentor used to say “should of, could of, would of never won a ball game.  Don’t wait – your time is now.  Always here to help and cheering you on - Danielle

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

Today at our son’s swimming lessons, I heard myself tell the big boys to “just keep swimming.” Of course, that quote ties us back to the movie Finding Nemo from 2003.  Find the video on You-Tube or follow along the script below – and I’m going to bet you hear yourself singing.  J
Dory: Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down do you wanna know what you've gotta do?
Marlin: No I don't wanna know.
Dory: [singing] Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.
Marlin: Dory, no singing.
Dory: [continuing] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ho. I love to swim. When you want to swim you want to swim.
Again, another powerful lesson my kiddos (or at least their movie) seem to have taught us today.  And of course, I want to pass on these moments to our CardsAndMohr team and others reading who have their own businesses – especially other mompreneurs in direct sales.  The quote is simple, but by ‘just keep swimming’ you are ready for the entire race – not just the marathon.  We often need reminders of such in business.  I’ve seen so many friends and acquaintances start a direct sales business with a burst of energy… and then after exhausting their immediate circle of family and friends, they’ve run out of prospects. 
There are so many ways to continue this blog.  I could write about your target audience of customers – unlike those of us in Send Out Cards, perhaps your audience has been narrowed to one gender and even slimmer with or without children.  I could write about the “WHY” – Why or what is the reason you chose the business or want to have your own business?  When you know your WHY and if it’s strong, you will “just keep swimming” towards your goal because of your WHY. Despite all the challenges he faced during the course of the movie, Marlin kept swimming to find Nemo.  Finding Nemo was Marlin’s WHY – and he wasn’t going to stop until he was reunited with his son. 
When we ask our Send Out Cards team members for their WHY statement, often the first response is money (or time).  But we ask more questions and dig deeper and break it down– what will money or time bring you? Make $X a month… WHY? …to quit job… WHY? ...because I want to be home with my family (kiddos)… WHY? …because I want to enjoy all these family moments.  When you “just keep swimming,” you don’t lose track of your goal; you keep your focus just as Marlin did.  Sure, Dory got a little distracted – and so may you, your partner/spouse or even your downline, but tomorrow is another day and a chance to improved, refocus and recommit to your goal.  Use your Sponsor or Accountability Partner to help you stay on course for your goals. 
As someone who has been in the business for nine years, I would tell you to remember your goals and “just keep swimming.” It is not a race and really is about the law of averages. You need to give yourself at least six months to make your relationships strong; and really a year is a good ride.  And remember on days that you struggle, “just keep swimming” and you will pass the difficulty and be one step closer to your goal(s).  Always cheering you on - Danielle

Friday, June 3, 2011

Play til the Whistle Blows

It’s time for the NBA Playoffs and we are excited to see the Dallas Mavericks back in the finals.  Watching Game 2 last night was not pretty and we saw (read on FB) lots of friends sign off and ‘give up’ on the game to go to bed.  These friends just assumed that it was over and the Mavs were going to lose… what happened?  The Mavs launched a comeback and won Game 2 on a last second shot; now the series is tied 1-1 and the Mavs have a chance to win the next three at home and claim the championship. 
What a great lesson for all of us – you, me, our kids in this game of life. We should play every day like its game day and play TIL THE WHISTLE BLOWS!  How different the outcome would have been if any of the players decided in their minds that the game was over when they were down.  You (and your personal voice) are sometimes your biggest obstacle.  Get rid of that self-defeating voice and believe in yourself just like we believe in you.  No matter your business, make your goals and keep pursuing them. For anyone on our team, please share them with Tim or I – or another accountability partner, your spouse, your family. When others know your goal, they will help you stay in the game and achieve that success.
Sure, we all have good days and not so-good days, but remember tomorrow is another day.  You’ll see ups and downs in business too, but you’re in it for the long run. You do not start a business with a ‘get rich quick’ mentality. All the practice and time you’ve put into your relationships will be rewarded – I constantly share this with our Send Out Cards team. I spent eight years in another direct sales company and never have seen the success we’ve had with Send Out Cards in one year. It’s all about the Law of Averages and you need to stay in the game, focused on your goal and play hard til the final whistle blows.  Our best to you as you shoot for the moon!  --Danielle