Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Baaack! Return to "work" post surgery

Dear Friends and Followers -

Thank you! Thank you for emails and cards sent the last couple months as I recovered from an upper and lower jaw surgery. It was a schedule surgery, but it has taken a long time to heal, including talking and eating. I still am on a limited diet, but trying to increase my ability to open mouth and strength to chew.

As I thank you my followers for your concern and well wishes, I need to also extend a huge amount of gratitude and appreciation to our team (downlines), but also to cross-line members who helped us with our business and customer needs while I couldn't talk.  WOW is all I can say. I always knew SendOutCards was top-notch for customer care and our training, but the willingness of this SOC FAMILY is amazing. I had cross-lines making follow-up phone calls, personal step by step walk throughs for holiday cards and just going above & beyond.  And do you know how much of my commission these cross-lines made for their effort? None... immediately. There is no compensation for/to them as we are not in the same line; however, these SOC rockstarts extended their time and insight.... which helped us, our customers, and the reputation of SOC.

To my family, I couldn't have made it this long without you. My husband did everything, my in-laws were here for a week when he couldn't be and my children were well behaved allowing Mom to heal. I am grateful for SendOutCards and the time and money freedoms. I would never have been able to take 10-12 weeks off from a j-o-b and still make an income. I would be lucky to return to a job...

We are blessed and have already started to return the favors. I am back to doing webinars, gift account walk-thrus, training and more! Slow and steady has always won the race for us and it feels good to be back. Y'all were missed.

April is just around the corner. Let's make the next month your best yet... no fooling.