Monday, October 1, 2012

Chip at It - One Day, One Goal at a Time

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”  That is the sound surrounding me today as floor tile is replaced in our kitchen.  And the banging and chipping of the tile sent my mind wandering about “chipping” at things in your life.  How a little effort goes a long way… the little chip to remove the grout between two tiles eventually leads to the entire floor being removed – and replaced.  If our contractor did not attempt the “little chip” (no matter how minor it appeared), the floor would never be complete.
What is the dream or goal you are striving for? While it may seem like a huge, over-whelming feat or unattainable goal… it isn’t. It might have been, if you did it all at once; however, what if you did it “step by step” and chipped off the little goals on your way to the final prize. It’s an analogy question used often when teaching project management, “How do you eat an elephant?” Yep – one bite at a time.

As stated, often the elephant analogy might be used in regards to a project or task – goals to have the person break down their task into smaller increments… and you can use the same thought with your business goals.
Almost everyone I meet in network marketing is striving to be a leader in their company. Unless they are a hobbyist, the consultant of a company wants more.  Well, none of us can be the top level consultant in our business without climbing the steps in rank and advancing step by step.

Look at your company’s plan for advancement and make smaller goals… smaller bites that you can achieve now.  If you are on our CardsAndMohr SendOutCards team, connect with us for your individual next step and/or goal.  If you want details of our compensation or rank advancement plan, click on Proven Plan of Action to give you details. And if you want my story of the difference SOC has made in our family after 2.5 years, please ask. I spent almost 8 years with another company and never had the team or the success that we have now... and it our goal to mentor and provide you (and your family) the same too. 
All my best! --Danielle