Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Greeting Cards?

With our recent article in Be The Boss Magazine for Valentine's Day about couples working together, we've been answering one question since it was published.  The Question: Why Greeting Cards?

Well... our company, SendOutCards is super easy. With gas prices rising, you never have to leave home to send our cards. ;o) I love sending cards in my pajamas - I really think I'm a better friend. ♥

You create, we print, stuff, stamp and mail the cards/gifts for you.

And now SendOutCards has even more... there canvas prints, calenders, business cards, posters and photo-books that can be ordered. Have a wedding? We do that too!

 SendOutCards is growing exponentially. We are the most affordable in our industry. NO ONE can beat our prices and we have NO competition. Click here for a FREE gift account to try it or click here to see if the business opportunity fits you with no quotas, no home parties and no inventory. Basically we gather customers and show others how to do the same. ;o)

If the system fits you, welcome to the ease and affordabilty of card sending. If the business opportunity is what you want, let me be the first to say Congratulations! We will be here every step of the way as you shoot for the moon.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Got Accountability?

Not a big post today, but simple question and encouragement.  What are you doing for accountability for your business? Do you have an accountability partner? While your family is great support, I'd recommend an accountability partner outside of your family - the person can be, but doesn't have to be in your same business.

The accountability factor is just that... we do more when we know someone else is watching, monitoring or doing the same thing. Case in point - I did NOT want to go to the gym today. For some reason my to-do list seem never ending and I had a couple other excuses I could have pulled out instead of showing up for my hour session at the gym.  Why did I get there? Because the group of gals I work out would be there - and if they could be there, I could be there. It would have been so easy to skip, but because I knew these gals were counting on me, I was going to be there.

The same is for your business... Maybe you and your accountability partner swap data: phone calls, shows, opportunity, meetings/1-on-1s, demos, etc... whatever is specific to your company.  Just connect and start checking in with each other. It's great motivation, self-competition, and you WILL do something business related because you don't want to report "nothing."

How would a little extra effort change your business? For me, it is huge - I see it! When I'm on and working my business (for an incentive or self-motivation like a trip), it is completely different than the days that I just sit 'waiting for business' to come to me.  Work smarter, not harder, get an accountability partner, and give 30 extra minutes a day... you will be on FIRE!

Shoot for the Moon,

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Fortune is in the THANK YOU!

We have our stories of new second-level customer referrals due to a thank yous to people swtiching companines because of simple appreciation to realtors and the commission of a $50 gift card. Take a minute to read this story from SOC mentor, Laurie Delk - too good not to share.

Don't overlook the power of a thank you!
Are you setting yourself apart from your competition? Here is a story that shows WHY SendOutCards is a TOOL EVERY BUSINESS PERSON needs.
The Vice President of a major national bank gave a... presentation to the owner of a business pitching for a $100,000 business loan. The VP knew she was at least 1 of 3, maybe 4, banks who had made presentations to this business owner in the past 2 weeks.

Immediately after returning to her office from the presentation she created a personalized “Thank You” card using SendOutCards. She knew she had to further separate herself & her bank from the competition... and wanted to make a lasting, professional impression.

The following week she received a phone call from the owner of the business telling her she had earned all his business: the $100,000 business loan plus the business' banking account and the owner’s personal banking accounts as well!

The owner told the VP of the bank that she was the only person who sent him a “Thank You” to express her appreciation for the opportunity & for meeting him. Professional and sincere treatment like this made him feel confident that she and her bank will provide him with the service his business needs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#3 and Free!

Where does your home based business rank? SendOutCards is number 3 with over a 47% popularity growth...

Why? Because it's a feel good service that can change someones life...Won't you join us today in changing peoples life. Check out the opportunity and our story. Cheering you on to a new level of success this year.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

TGIT - Thank Goodness It's Today!

This weekend I had a great talk with a new team member who joined our Cards And Mohr team about his WHYs for wanting to start in business.  He had some great WHYs and we all know -if you know your WHY, you'll find the HOW...Well, he found us and SendOutCards.

In addition to his family and some other prominent WHYs, the one that he really was caught up on was how he was living for each Friday afternoon - and dreading each Monday morning.  That is a long week to go through waiting for one particular day.

What we told him and we'd tell you, is stick with that j-o-b for the next year as you build your new business in network marketing.  We will be the first ones to tell you, what a difference your goals and deadlines do for motivation...  Our SOC Friends and Network Marketing Expert, Eric Worre created this 8 minute post/video and I highly recommend you watch it. 

Eric has been with other companies and while other network marketing companies were trying to recruit him, he decided to be part of SOC without any incentive - heworks his business just as Tim & I do... and just as the next person on our team.  His video explains why network marketing is "better" than being employed.  And we agree 100%. It is so nice to be our own boss, but to also work at our pace and be paid or promoted based solely on our performance - we don't have to wait for someone else to promote (or die) to change roles.  We are building our legacy for our children one card at a time.

So instead of thinking "TGIF," think "TFIT..." That means, "Thank Goodness It's TODAY!" Live for the now, enjoy the now - don't wait for some day.  We all know some day is not promised.  If you are living  life and waiting for a certain day of the week to arrive like Friday, Satutday or Sunday - that is a sign.  Follow your "what if" and start feeling the excitement of those three days, every day of the year - there are 365 days (+1 this year) to enjoy.

We support our team with all our hearts, time and energy. We want the same freedoms in time and money to be their's.... we want it to be your's too.  If our company has ever been an interest to you -contact us at or through this blog.

Cheering you on!
Danielle & Tim