Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why SendOutCards?!?

Hi Friends - It's Danielle! In  a discussion with a friend looking to use SendOutCards this morning, I thought I would share my thoughts on "why SendOutCards is a great business" to you too. While the meeting was initially to introduce this friend to SOC to use for his current business, this guy is smart enough to consider the Opportunity presented by SendOutCards and the second avenue of income for his family.

1. It actually does cost less to use our SOC system then to buy a card from a store. You cannot go to any store and buy a card like we have for 62 cents as a preferred customer... or 98 cents a a customer... and even at the Pay As You Go rate, SOC challenges the competition.

2. The best way to to tell people about this service is to demonstrate and set up a sample account for them. Anyone can do this with about 10 minutes of training, and is an easy NON-pressure sales way of telling others. I love allowing people the chance to "test drive" with no strings attached. 

3. It is then when people have had a chance to use the system a few times, that they ask you additional questions.  My favorite question being "how do I sign up?" I love that I have shared a system, tool and product and others ask us how to get started. We are not 'chasing a sale' or losing friends.. we simply shared SOC.

4. For a company to send personal greeting cards for less than a dollar including postage is unbelievable. You name the profession - and this product can help them do better and more business. Take time to ask those around you if they have  "Follow-Up System" for their current clients and customers. A huge percentage won't. In the two years we've been part of SOC, we have tons of thank yous for the introduction to the tools/system. Businesses are no longer looking for new clients! Now, businesses are taking time to express gratitude for their current client and while feeling appreciated, the current client sends sales and referrals to the Business because of the kindness.

5. The time factor is unbelievable! Most businesses are shocked to be able to send 10,000 cards as quickly as one could send an email and have them be personalized to each card. Businesses found they save a lot of time in one click of a button... this click also saves money in the hourly rate they would have paid their assistant to write, address, stamp and send the same cards.

6. The possibilities are endless. If you need leads open the yellow pages and start dialing. Just ask the sales manager to send a few cards for free. We do a lot of businesses we already have relationships with... real estate agents, lawyers, car dealerships, doctors, dentists, etc.  We have also found that simply by being a "product of the product" and sending true cards (no solicitation) that new business is finding us!

You've heard our story before and we can only begin to tell you how excited we are about SOC.  And since returning from Convention in Las Vegas, "The Future is NOW!" 

This is an 87 Billion dollar market and ran by 2 major greeting card companies until now. SOC is #3.  SOC now has it's own first-class stamp and is working closely with the post-office for tracking each card sent, etc. There is so much more... this is only the beginning. But don't take my word! Her are the details regarding the business opportunity.  There is no way you can fail to make money with it unless you just do nothing.

This is the right company and the right time and new technology that is wonderful - SendOutCards' tag line is "Changing Lives.... One Card at a Time."  We recommend you start with your life first!

Let us know how we can help you!
Sincerely, Danielle & Tim Mohr
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Got Gratitude?

Proud Mom as my oldest is 2 weeks into the Gratitude Challenge.  Will you join us? Age, gender, location does not matter - all you need to do is committ to sending one card a day x30 days.... sending kindness & appreciation to thirty people.  Imagine the impact. 

Take a look at Zach challenging you - JOIN US!

No risk. No strings attached. And 100% money back guarentee if you complete challenge and are not satisfied.... Highly doubt it, but guarentee.

Help us make a difference!
Hugs, Danielle & Family

Monday, June 11, 2012

Duplication of Penny and Team

From time to time I'm asked about team building and the power of duplication in team building. To answer the question, we share the story of multiplying a penny. It is amazing what you can achieve with consistency and duplication... With a new person in your team I recommend you share your story, the 'recipe' to success and help the new rep succeed.  Use the training the company has given you, keep it simple and don't change the 'recipe.' What I love about SendOutCards is that there is 'recipe' we use and the Basic Training each new rep goes thru is the same no matter where they are trained. Our Basic Training maual gives us the first steps to succeed... the only difference between a new rep and some of our leaders is time! 

Penny Analogy - Doubling penny each day!

The same can be demonstrated with Team Building.

What is neat about the above is if you look at the ideal team building and the financial success with a perfect formula, it an unbelieveable number... What I love is the realistic view with a 10% success rate and it is still A LOT of money. Don't take my word - look at the business opportunity for SendOutCards - better yet, look at the vision!  I believe we're in a business bigger than we are, who is more than 'just cards.' I feel like we are the start of a positive movement; one of gratitude... one to make us all pause, reflect and appreciate all life's blessings to our familes.

If SendOutCards appeals to you, but you wonder about statistics in Network Marketing - here is a great slide with details. The attrition rate of other network marketing companies is: 61%  For SendOutCards: it was a third of that (I'll check my notes for specifics).  We have approximately 150,000 distributors world-wide.  Are you still afraid that SendOutCards is saturated? No. Message me and I'll give you detail for your area, but there is a lot of room for lots and lots of people to be success.

Shoot for the moon! I will always be here for you. If you are on our CardsAndMohr SOC team and committed, we are committed to you and will take you to the next levels!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Consistency is the Key!

I just had a great discussion with a new distributor on our team that set goals for the first month and has hit a home run.  They finally understood all my tips and subtle hints from the past.  They now understand our love for the network marketing industry.

Network Markeing (SendOutCards for us) is the only business we know where an average every day person like us, can build a solid business without having to invest a huge amount of money with risk.  Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick business, but it is one that you can reach your dreams, if you do 3 things:




Pretty simple, but consistency is the key. We have a plan that we share with each new member of our team. We look at their goals and we shoot for the stars. This week, we're off to Las Vegas for our SOC Convention and will miss you!  Consider joining us... and that way you can be with us in Vegas, the next cruise, and VIP trip.

We are cheering you on!

PS: I attached this photo floating around the internet/Facebook and I love it.  Everything we know in the world is set up in a 'pyramid.' The one thing that always has attracted me to Network Marketing is I'm on my own... our success is due to our efforts and we can promote before the guy 'ahead' of us.  In the corporation we'd have to wait for others to be promoted (move or die) in order move up.... In Network Marketing, we are in charge of our success and promotions. WHOO HOO!

Want details on OUR business opp with SendOutCards? Click here!