Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Your Biz Profitable & Others Do the Same

If you don't follow Send Out Cards on Facebook, you may have missed this.  Here is what DeMarr Zimmerman posted to SendOutCards. Make your Sendoutcards profitable and help others to the same....

"3 personally sponsored entrepreneurs will pay for you license to get started (3 x $140 = $420) and 10 subscribing retail customer will pay for your monthly $31 auto subscription (retail commission - (10 x $9.80 x .30 = $29.40) + wholesale commission - (10 x $6.20 x .05 = $3.10) = $32.50 ($29.40 + $3.10).

"This is the story we need to tell...3 and 10! Once you have 3 and 10 from that point on you are in the black, making money!" ∼ Eric Worre, Executive with Sendoutcards and International expert on Network Marketing"

The above was a post from today, from DeMarr to Send Out Cards' on their Wall - I couldn't click *share,* so I copied and pasted his comments here.   

You wanted to know how our family has so much success... welll, it all started with this... and it can for you too.  PM or email Tim or I and we'll share our story - it's no secret. I spent eight years with another direct sales company and made my share of commissions, but never saw the success we've had the past 15 months.  Yes, we've only been doing this for just over a year!  In eight years, I never went on one incentive trip... I'm going on a FREE CRUISE in October courtesy of SOC... and the fun part is, I'm not going alone.  I have a friend going with me who earned her cruise free too.  You can do it too - Listen to the 'What If" and do it. We will be here to help you along the way.  As most companies say, "you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself..." and such is true with Send Out Cards throughout the company.   It is joked about that Send Out Cards is the Netflix of today - but it's not a joke because if someone told me years ago I could make money on each DVD rented, we would have done it in a heartbeat.  Well, we get a re-do. ;o)   

If you've never listened to the SOC intro video, we recommend doing it at our website - CLick on #1 and then afterwards, if you've never sent a card - then continue with #2.  And if you have questions - for either of us, please PM us or drop an email to or  

Shoot for the Moon.  We are cheering you on - Sincerely, Danielle & Tim

Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Definition of Freedom

Here is just a sampling of what the word freedom means to us:
  • The ability to work for myself. ;o)
  • The ability to travel - locally and other far-off, fun locations.
  • The ability to do business on my schedule where I choose.
  • The ability to give my time to friends and family with out worrying about going to work and asking for permission.  This means being present for our boys' school events, fieldtrips and more that I may have missed with a j-o-b.
  • The ability to wake up in this great country and choose what I want to do becaus of those who serve & sacrafice... so that we all have these choices and freedoms. 
Have a safe & blessed holiday from our family to you!