Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do I blog after my last entry?!?

Hi Friends and Followers -

First of all, you are amazing individuals who have offered up prayer for two families this week... and have included prayers for my heart. I'm blessed.  I have to admit, I'm kinda stuck on how or what to blog... While I find the next fitting entry, I wanted to share a email I received about the last video.

Last week, I tried all morning to create the video reminding you (and me) to act on our promptings.. you know that little voice that we often ignore.  I tried all morning and I never got it done... then our 3 year old came home and I still hadn't been successful.  Our kiddo was almost a good distraction to keep my tears away so I could share the message.  I was concerned and expressed it to friends that I didn't want the video to appear disrespectful with Landon crawling in the background, but was reasured he did not do that.

Here is what a friend sent me:
"Danielle - God was speaking to you that day and he wanted you to do the video. Not a perfect video but that is OK because none of us are. It was genuine and heartfelt and that is what is important along with your message. I thought it was very sweet that your son wanted to be a part of it. I always thought you had a good heart Danielle even when we were kids. That is obviously still reflected yet today! : ) "

Thank you to my friend above and to all of you who have sent messages, texts, phone calls and cards. You are amazing. I hope I have blessed your life as much as you have mine and our family's. Thank you for being part of our "Family" in and outside of SendOutCards.

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Reminder to Act of a Prompting - You don't get a Second Chance

Thank you Denai for your friendship - you are a gem who will be missed by many. I opened my heart and may look vulnerable in this video, but didn't want another friend to miss an opportunity to listen to that little voice... I didn't want another friend to live with the regret of waiting on that voice (aka: prompting) as I did with my trip to see you. May your passing remind us all to act on our promptings. Here is my video - I won't waste another opportunity.

I will forever keep your words from your Grief Blog Radio show on Monday as your lesson and God's preparation for his plan to send an Angel home.  It was a year almost that you opened up to us to share your pain when losing three friends in a blog/you-tube post.

Our family prays for Tim and Tori and all the family and friends who miss your sunshine here! I will never hear a "WOO HOO" without thinking of you.  You leave a legacy and definitely exemplified your quote, "Live A Life... That Out Lives Your Life."  Now those are some words to live by!

Lots of love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Business Building Reminders from a 3-Year Old

Another day of fun with the kids and another chance for a lesson that goes waaaaay beyond learning to ride a bike.  Today our 3 year old wanted to ride a two-wheel bike (with training wheels of course), but has struggled with 'pedaling.' I took a lot of videos since dad was gone to send/text and show him.  During the playbacks of the videos I started to hear myself and the "wisdom" I was telling our son, trying to encourage him and teach him to keep going listen & remind myself of the same advice.

I thought there were enough "wisdom nuggets" to compile and share in this post.  So if you don't get tired of watching a 3-year old pedal, you might actually find some words that speak to you.

When You Get Stuck - Keep Going....

Practice - Practice - Practice...

Never Give Up....

Leaders Keep Moving too - Momentum....


 It's funny that it takes someone so small to remind all of us in business (no matter your industry) what it takes to succeed.  Your success will not happen over night and you always need movement and action (not to be confused with "activity"). Make a plan and stick with it! As mentor, Adam Packard wrote "Stay the Course..."  Find your business, make a plan and have the best year yet....

Cheering You On As Your Shoot for the Moon - Danielle

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beta Phase/Test is Live!

Hi All,

Getting back to my blog after being gone on vacation and boy do I have a lot to write and share.  Today's entry is just to let everyone know that SendOutCards beta testing phase is now LIVE!!! Click here to see my introduction.

We are thrilled for our team because with this addition you are able to offer so much more. Don't get me wrong, the greeting card is and will be the heart of the company - how can you beat this tool for ease and pricing. With the holidays around the corner, we look forward to helping you!

Want to try to create a  holiday card - or send wishes from Halloween?  Take a peek at our Halloween card on Facebook here or send one yourself at by going directly to our site.  Happy Sending!

Until the next time, keep shooting for the moon.
Danielle & Tim