Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Millionaire Todays... Your Choice

Quick Facts for Today...  Did you know that in in the US there were:

3.6 million millionaire families in 1991
7.2 million millionaire families in 2001
10 million millionaire families in 2011

In the 1990's the best way to make money was to make things. Today the best way to make money is the distribute things. This is the age of the home based business.

The millionaire population exploded. And all Millionaires MAKE a CHOICE. What choice will you make today?

Of course, we favor our business with SendOutCards as there are no home parties, inventory or pressuring friends to buys items they may not need. We all have a need to send cards and gifts - we might only send approx 10 a year, but have a need for at least 70.  We've shown that with the ease of SOC's system - it is now affordable and convenient.  We all missed the opportunity with Netflix, but we are beyond thankful for all the blessings SendOutCards has provided us.

Make your choice for you and your family. It's not a get-rich path, but there is so much freedom within 2-5 years.  Shoot for the Moon and make your Dreams a Reality. --Tim & Danielle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today I am sharing this entry from our friend and supportive SendOutCards' husband, Stuart Snook.  He wrote it this past weekend in regards to his wife, Lori starting on our team.  He writes to all our friends and about missing this opportunity to be in a "young" company that is going places.  If you had known about Netflix ten years ago, would you would have done it... well, here is SendOut Cards.  For the friends who are on this journey, we are thrilled - we didn't want to leave you behind.  We'll always be here for you. --Tim & Danielle
"What is your excuse?

I have spent the past twelve years in sales. I have heard every reason to buy or not to buy. I have heard every excuse. Sometimes these people have made mistakes, sometimes not. What is your excuse?

I have a relative that tells a story about a missed opportunity. He was talking to a friend that was trying to sell a new business idea. He believed that one day you would be able to call your wife as she was shopping at the mall, on a wireless phone. This business man was looking for investors for his new company. My relative’s comments: “That is Star Trek type stuff. It will never happen.” Needless to say, he did not invest in this company. This company now has $19 billion dollars in revenue. What is your excuse?

We have all heard the stories about Fred Smith and his term paper that started Fed Ex. He thinks he got his usual “C” on the paper. At one point, he even took some money to Vegas. His winnings went to the company just to make payroll. Can you imagine a world without overnight delivery? What is your excuse?
Two years ago I got laid off. I could not find a job. My brother was in the same boat. We decided to start a company. This was originally just to keep up our skill set so we could find a “real” job. Eighteen months later, we have one million dollars in sales and some long term agreements with a Fortune 50 company. This is no longer a hobby. What is your excuse?

My wife joined an organization known as Send Out Cards approximately 3 months ago. It is a network marketing company. I am not a fan of network marketing. I hate having to buy inventory. I hate being invited to parties where you are pressured to buy crap you will never use, need, or seek out in normal life. This is different. This does not have inventory or parties. I do not have a lifetime supply of toothpaste, or laundry detergent. She has taken her distributorship and really kicked into overdrive. To say that her success has been extraordinary is an understatement. I almost told her not to join. What would have been my excuse?

This company is experiencing tremendous growth. What is your excuse? Contact us and find out what this company is all about. DO NOT LET THIS BE THE OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU LET SLIP AWAY! Not enough time? Too expensive? Not sure I know how to do this? What is your excuse?"