Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Keys to Success

It's been a warm & fuzzy week of blog entries, including ARK and Pay-It-Forward movements.  Take time to enjoy the weekend, but I wanted you to think about these five keys to success... your success.  

   Five Keys to Succes
     - Be Consistent
     - Have Fun
     - Learn from those that have
         gone before you
     - Never give up
     - Always improve yourself

 Monday is a new month.... Shoot for the moon. I'm cheering you on! -Danielle

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pay It Forward Day

Did you know today is “Pay It Forward Day?”  Wikipedia states the expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead.  And for most of us, we also think of the movie with the same title and philosophy. In 2000, PAY IT FORWARD (the movie) was about a boy who had to create a way to help the world. His idea was to repay good deeds by doing a good deed for three new people and thus would spider-web out to help many others.
There is no measurement or size of the good deed. It may be as simple as buying the person’s coffee behind you in line, giving up your seat on the subway or waiting room, or donating food, etc.  And I’d recommend getting your kids involved in these deeds.  Speaking of donating food and getting kids involved, our preschool just donated 811 pounds of food to our local pantry in March.  Many people donate food during the holidays, but few think of donating at other times.  Consider donating during other ‘non-prime’ periods
When it comes to unconditional acts of generosity, Pay it Forward Day, founded by Australian Blake Beattie, inspires others to pass on good deeds. Blake states ‘One good deed might not seem like much, but if everyone did something good for someone else, then the cycle of generosity and kindness can inspire us to become better people. Imagine if everyone paid kindness forward every day – what a difference that would make!”
How can one ordinary person -- you or me -- make a positive difference in this world? One way is the practice "paying it forward." While the steps might be simple, the outcome could change the world.   And the idea of how to “change the world” is a great toss back to yesterday’s “ARK” blog and to our tag line that we and Send Out Cards are “changing lives… one card at a time…” when appreciation, kindness, sympathy, empathy, and so many emotions are sent out celebrating and remembering another person.
If you did anything today, we’d love to hear from you.  Drop us a note and share what you did today to pay it forward.  Our gift today – free greeting card for each of you. Send any themed card (Mother’s Day, birthday, graduation, etc) on us and make a difference in someone’s day.  Cheering you on - Danielle

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Build Your Own ARK

One of our favorite movies currently is EVAN ALMIGHTY. Although it was made in 2007, we did not stumble upon it until last month thanks to great friends.  WOW!  We would have missed a lot if we hadn’t added that movie to our Netflix queue
In Evan Almighty (the sequel to Bruce Almighty), Evan Baxter wins a congressional seat then moves his wife, Joan and three sons to Washington. One night Joan prays for them to become closer as a family, and Evan prays to figure out a way to “change the world,” which was his campaign slogan. God appears and tasks Evan into building an ark.
As Evan begins his journey of faith, we find that he is not living with his beliefs: his agenda is all about appearance and power, climbing the corporate ladder at the expense of his family. People who want to “change the world” typically don’t know where to begin, often overlooking the obvious in starting where they are… starting at home… starting with oneself.
The back & forth resistance Evan and Evan’s conversation with God, not realizing that the answer to his prayers may not be the kind of answers he had in mind.  A great lesson and reminder to all of us - God’s plans are not always a part of our plans!  For example praying for love or patience may result in God giving us opportunities to love or to be patient. 
Boy, did I learn as a religious education teacher at our church.  I prayed for patience & knowledge for this set of second graders and God’s answers to my prayers (opportunities) were a class of 14 boys and 4 girls – and that was improved from the 16:2 ratio that was on my initial roster and a co-teacher who was older than me, has years of experience, lived in Calcutta, India as a teen and met Mother Theresa.  These were the best answered prayers and I have had an amazing year!!!  
Sorry for the tangent, back to the movie - Evan’s journey of faith not only tests his faith, but also the love of his family.  By having Evan build the ark, things change with his political position and due to circumstances (they think he’s having a mid-life crisis), he is suspended… however, that suspension allowed him more time with his family… it was God’s answer to Joan’s original prayer to be closer as a family.
My favorite part of the movie (I don’t want to tell the entire story, but highly recommend you and your family watch it) is at the end when God and Evan talk about their mission to change the world and by building an ark he was able to do so.  And we all can build our own ark to change the world… How? By building our own A-R-K… Act [of] Random Kindness.  Wow! This was so powerful and speaks volumes to me as a gratitude girl and one who always finds a way to start the pay-it-forward motion. 
The ARK is wht I feel we demonstrate with our family, friends and strangers as we returned to sending real cards... real mail to celebrate all the milestones... A card for losing a first tooth, TAKS test anxiety, cutting hair for Locks of Love, turning 16, turning 40, birthdays, holidays, and so many things in between. We are blessed to have so many friends in so many places after moving twelve years with the Navy.  You, our friends are like extended family and we want you to feel appreciated as much as we know in our heart.  And as happy the receiver may feel when the card arrives, I need to tell you that we feel the same warmth as the sender of the card.
I hope you’ll get a chance to watch this movie and feel the same calling to “change the world” and build your own A-R-K... no matter what your ARK is or who it is for. The movement starts with one person and one action...  And have no fear - I believe in you!  --Danielle

Monday, April 25, 2011

Business & Spring is Blooming

I hope you had a great Easter weekend, and if you didn't celebrate the holiday, then join me in celebrating the Spring. I love Spring… I love Easter… I love the new start!
How did or do you celebrate? Growing up, holidays were and still are big events. My mom’s family consists of eight siblings and each of my aunts/uncles had an average of three kids each. I have great memories of going to church Easter morning in our new Easter outfits followed by a home-cooked meal/pot-luck lunch and egg hunts.  I also remember flying kites – and one year hooking the kite string to the reel of a fishing pole. (Now there is an idea I need to patten.) Boy, flying a kite was never so easy.  J
This year, we will celebrated Easter quietly, but that is ok.  Sometimes I like the quiet time to reflect with the kids. All our family is out of state; however, we have two things that bring us close together.  First, the boys have Easter cards on the mantle from grandparents. To say the boys LOVE getting greeting cards from their grandparents is an understatement.  My parents are the best because they celebrate the little things with the boys… and they celebrate the big things.  They use the Send Out Cards system to create & send these cards and yes, they do make an impact!  How much of an impact? Well, the boys keep all these personal cards because they have photos of them & the grandparents/family in them from past events.  The boys carry them around the house and look at them often.  I’m looking at a Halloween card as I type.
The second thing that brings us together is Skype. Yeah for Skype! Skype is such a blessing for so many families for so many reasons. There are so many uses, for example: connecting with military overseas, parents on business trip chatting with a child, separate families at holidays and so much more.
Now imagine combining online technology with offline (aka: real) greeting cards.  Imagine no more.  As we conclude our beta test period, SOC plans to open up the use of video cards – still delivered via USPS by the end of May. Use your smart phone & snap the QR code or type in the URL for a You-Tube video.  This technology is amazing!  This business is amazing – whether you are User or a Distributor… make SOC work for you. 
Do you want to send a thank you card? Imagine the impact now when you add the video of the kids opening the gift. Do you want to send your save the date wedding cards? Add a video of the proposal for those who missed it.  Do you want to showcase a new home for sale, you want to give how-to steps/tips, or other needs for your business? You can add that too!
I think one of the reasons I love Spring is because it is a new start.  Everyone comes out of hiding from the winter weather, the kids are back to playing outside and running to & from friends’ homes, and flowers are in bloom.  This is why I love empowering others – perhaps we are sponsoring a new distributor or we’ve just rekindled the passion of someone who has done the business for a year, but now they are motivated to make a difference. 
May your business bloom this spring and the entire year. Cheering you on - Danielle

Friday, April 22, 2011

Success for Business: Three Steps

aka: Sending Out Cards in Your Business Makes a Difference
Success in your business is not about some elaborate, crazy plan, but something simple.  Did you teacher, parent or anyone else teach you the K.I.S.S. acronym – Keep It Simple Sweetie! J
This lesson is targeted to business sending cards to increase name recognition, customer retention, and increased sales by returning to the basics of card sending and showing appreciation.  Our CardsAndMohr team shoots for their initial goals in 90 days – there is a deadline for their goals, it is long enough to attain them and short enough to surpass them.  But despite your business – direct sales or small business owner, set your goals & intentions, your due date and shoot for the moon.
Set Your Intentions – You may wonder why I said “Intentions” and not “Goals.”  The two are very similar, and yet they are different because Intentions are all about what you can control. If you will set your intentions around action steps that you commit to taking, you will get results!  For our SOC team (and you personalize, revise the following for your business), here are some ideas of intentions you might set:
  • Call X number of people each day to introduce your business – you don’t need to ask them to buy or try, just let them know you have a business in case they might know of anyone who could use your service/products or who might be looking for a second income. Then as they desire more, find out how to best get information to them. For SOC distributors, allow your contact to send a card - walk them through sending a card. (Did you know 1 in every 4 people who send a card sign up? What if you showed the card system to 10 people a week?
  • Follow up with those who you introduced your business to, and get some feedback. Send them a thank you card for trying the service.  As their gift accounts expire, follow-up to let them know and see where they are with using the system; offer to extend the gift account’s life.
  • I go back & forth whether to tell you to do the following… And I’m writing it, so it is important.  Attend one Networking event each week or every other week.  Networking is great and has it role, but don’t over-due it.  Networking is about the relationships! I’m going to do business or refer business when I have trust with the other party.  You do NOT need to network to have a successful Send Out Cards business – look at how many people you already know that may not know about your new business.  Share the service with other business owners who need to keep in touch with their customers. Send Out Cards IS appreciation marketing! 
Do you know your WHY? Make it clear and review it – As SOC’s CEO Kody Bateman asks, “What is your WHY that makes you cry?”  Your WHY (reason(s) you are doing the business) must be your motivator so you follow through on your set intentions… especially if the last few people you talked to told you “no.” We’ve have heard “no” many times regarding our business and it doesn’t matter; it doesn’t knock us down because we are focused on our WHY.
Take action! Rome was not built in a day – and the only difference between you and the leaders in your business is time… and it is probably a difference in years.  We loved reading Adam Packard’s book, Stay the Course and recommend it to each of our new distributors.  Adam’s lessons may seems basic and things that we *should* know, but just needed to be reminded.  You’ll have to read it (or I’ll try & do a review another time), but one take away lesson is to take some kind of action in your business daily.  It needs to be a “pay” event (I know another blog entry). A “pay” event is an income producing action – it is not making copies. Share SOC’s service for sending cards & gifts; talk to new customers and introduce your opportunity and products/services.  SOC has action steps and plan – it’s called our Daily 8. J I use it and Jordan, Adam, Jules, David, and all the distributors climbing the ladder follow it.  If you give me a plan, AND give me something I can duplicate, I will be successful. 
DeMarr Zimmerman talked about it best when he share that (I’m paraphrasing) ‘Obstacles are sure to show up along your journey, and these are only there to make you stronger and separate the serious from the tire kickers. Which are you?”  Or we shared that nobody crossed the mountain without stepping over the stones.
Shoot for the moon – we are your biggest cheerleader.  --Danielle

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Impact of Staying in Touch with Your Customers

Not my original blog post, but wanted to share this great article.

Services Have Opened to Help Businesses Customize Yet Automate Their Card-Sending Processes
By JAN NORMAN - The Orange County Register (August 28, 2010)

When Cap Poore was a salesman, he started sending cards to prospects and clients.

"There were a hundred of us selling the same stuff. I had to figure out how to stand out in the crowd," said Poore, who lives in Laguna Hills.

Poore found that customers needed continual reminders of his existence. Just as important, he discovered that sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or even Columbus Day made the recipients feel special. And positive relationship building always benefited his business.

Former independent book publisher Diane Fallon of Irvine said, "I love sending cards. It's fun. But I'm amazed how many businesses don't stay in touch with their customers."

A recent survey by Hallmark Business Expressions, the business-to-business subsidiary of the greeting card giant, found that 69 percent of respondents had received a birthday card from a company and of those people, 47 percent said the card made them more likely to do business with that company.

"Customers notice and appreciate when a company sends them good wishes around their birthday….Cards make a lasting impression and encourage repeat business," said Hallmark spokesman Marc Wagenheim.

The impact isn't limited to birthday cards, said Jane Saeman, owner of Aim High Tutors in Dana Point. "I periodically send out unexpected thank yous for their business," she said. "I think receiving a card without reason is more heartfelt and better received than the expected birthday card from a business."

While birthday cards are big sellers, many companies buy cards to send employees on the anniversary of their hiring date, said Glenn Richards of, an Anaheim Internet wholesale distributor for American Greeting cards.

The core of Intergreet's business is gift shops and florists. It doesn't sell to the public. However, it has a corporate division for companies that buy in quantity. "We don't promote it, but people find us, and they buy cards for 50 percent off the retail price," Richard said.

"They have various reasons to send cards.Macy's just placed an order for sympathy cards," he said. "Real estate companies buy 'welcome to your new home' cards. Not so much now; we're affected by the housing downturn."

Other types of businesses that buy large quantities of greeting cards for customers or employees include insurance agents and car dealers, he added.

"The majority want a card that looks like one that you'd find in a store rather than a bulk item printed with the company logo," Richards said.

The hardest part about sending cards is, well, sending cards.

Poore, who sends out about 700 cards a month plus 4,000 Christmas cards in December, used a New Mexico service called CardSendersthat automated the process for him. When the owners wanted to retire in 2003, he bought the company and is changing the name to CardSenders/Client Touch.

One reason for the name change is to avoid confustion with a fast-growing direct marketing company is named Send Out Cards.Also, Poore emphasizes a client appreciation program that is broader than just sending greeting cards.

"Communicating with people is important in business," Poore explained. "You should 'touch' your clients every month and you want to do that in different ways: newsletters and phone calls as well as cards."

He still sends out large numbers of greeting cards to set a good example for his clients.

Send Out Cards exemplifies the growing business value of staying in touch. It is now the nation's third largest greeting care company behind American Greetings and Hallmark.

Users of Send Out Cards services "are aware how important it is to remember people in ways other than 'hey, your bill is due,'" said Barry of Anaheim Hills.

Fidel helps individuals and companies set up automated reminder and card sending programs, and cards are important marketing tools. They can merely be card senders who like the discount – cards average $1 each – or become distributors.

He practices what he pitches sending about 2,000 a year. "If I hear somebody got a new job, I send a card. I send lots to friends and family."

Like CardSenders/Client Touch, Send Out Cards has recognized the importance of having a huge selection, Fidel said. "When I started with them three years ago, they had only 1,000 card choices. Now they have 14,000 images in eight super categories and 80 subcategories. Plus I can send motivational books, brownies, gift cards."

Former book publisher Fallon has also jumped on the Send Out Cards bandwagon, but mostly for fun.

"I do help businesses keep their name out there with customers," she said. "Many of them send a bulk mailing once a year and it's thrown away. If they send a card with a heartfelt message, people tend to hang onto it and they remember you."

Fallon personalizes her own cards with photos she has taken of the recipient and uses software that captures her handwriting when composing the message. "What I love is personalizing my cards. A business can do it too. A caterer can put a recipe in the card. A Realtor can take a picture of a client in front of the house he just bought and put that in the card."

Poore recommends personalizing the card as much as possible, from the message written specifically for the recipient, to commemorative stamps, not just standard American flag postage stamps and definitely not a postage meter imprint.

"All this says to the person, 'You're important to me,'" he said.

It sounds biased if I say, great article... but it really gives you great advice on taking care of your business and your customers.  And for those of you who want to use Send Out Cards for personal reasons, think of the impact you have on someone's day for celebrating even the litle things.  We are always here to answer questions, get you started and provide support along the way. 

Shoot for the moon! --Danielle

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Are You Afraid of Before Starting Your Business?

Today’s blog was inspired by watching the Blue Angels fly at an airshow this weekend. These pilot fly their planes in formation and are only 18 inches (yes, eighteen inches) apart.  I'm not afraid to fly, but if I was that close to another plane, I'm pretty sure I'd be afraid. However, I am not afraid to succeed... and I'm not afraid to fail... and that is why we took our life in our own hands with our own busines.
I’ve heard from many of you wanting to start a home business; however, that statement was followed by “I’m afraid to get started.”  I, in no way, want to downplay the fear you have expressed, but I’m asking you to dig deep and find out what you are afraid of? What is the risk? What is the obstacle in your way… holding you back?
You know what, you are not alone? It is hard for me to think of a business owner I know who doesn’t fear something and I am pretty sure you would have problems finding one too.  (I’ll write another day about a great leadership activity we did yesterday regarding goals & obstacles.) Yes, business owners may have fear; however, we use resources around us to achieve our success.
I would encourage you to look at the business you have or are considering.  For example, with anyone we sponsor with Send Out Cards, this is how we get we approach it.  We usually ask three non-threatening questions.  “Do you send cards & gifts? Do you know others who send cards & gifts? Do you want to make money on the cards & gifts you and others send?  Once we get past these initial questions, then we look at the business.   And these are the questions I would tell you to ask yourself regarding the business you are considering: 
  • What is the start up cost?
  • What is the risk?
  • How fast do you get your initial investment back?
  • Is there inventory?
  • Is there a need for your business (product)?
  • How long has the business been around?
  • And where is the future?
Once you walk thru these questions, you’ll provide clarity for yourself and your family regarding the business you choose and the why.  (The WHY – we’ll save that too for another blog entry. J )  For us and SOC, we answered our questions and made our choice with no regrets. The ‘risk’ was minimal and we got our investment back in the first 30 days.  We knew lots of friends who sent cards and gifts – and lots of friends who wanted to save money in sending those cards and make money sending those cards.
There is always a lot to consider, but do not be led by fear. Get rid of that obstacle.  Find a business, find a responsible sponsor who will help lead you to success, ask these questions and make a decision as a family.  And you’ll find that while you have your own business, you are not in business by yourself. Shoot for the moon!  --Danielle

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Believe it. Achieve it!

What does the following quote mean to you?  “Every single life only becomes great when the individual sets upon a goal or goals which they really believe in, which they can really commit themselves to, which they can put their whole heart and soul into.” – Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

There are many individual answers for such a question, but hopefully it made you stop and think.  For me, I know my answer… it’s my mantra.  I say (& forgive me I don’t know who said it), “if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”  I know this and my family has set goals to make things happen.  And now I want you to set goals too.

Yep, time to set goals.  Maybe it’s a goal for advancement in your business; maybe there is a goal with an increase in commission - to pay for manicure/pedicure, or your child’s extra-curricular activity, or cleaning fairies; maybe it’s to lose weight, read more, or volunteer.  Goal writing is personal based on your desire & dreams.  When you know your goal, put in writing (or on your Vision Board) and tweak it.

There is a lot more to talk (blog) about for Goal Writing & Vision Boards, but here are four steps to get you started with the current goal(s) you’ve already stated. 
  • Step 1) Write out a Clear Statement of the Goal
  • Step 2) Write out an Outline of the Plan to attain the Goal – Perhaps it is the hours/days you’ll exercise or the number of products you need to sell or… the list is unlimited.
  • Step 3) Set Time Limits – How long until you acquire/meet the goal?  Do you need to break down you Outline into smaller time chunks. (I.e.: x recruits, x $sales for the week, x pounds loss, x days going to the gym...)
  • Step 4) Review what you have written daily, repeat the goal, and remind yourself of the *why* you are setting out for that goal in the first place.  (I.e.: Being Healthy, More Family Time, Allowing Child to do Sport, Vacation...
Whatever your goal, keep your eye on the prize. You will achieve it.  I believe in  you and you know, I'm always cheering you on!  --Danielle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reasons People Stop Doing Business with You

It was a busy Wednesday and I wanted to share a lesson learned from a great meeting today with a direct sales business owner.  In our dialogue and brainstorming efforts, they shared a story about noticing a customer disappear from their sales list.  With follow up, the customer told them that they switched reps ‘because they didn’t think it mattered.’  OUCH!  This customer did not think their business mattered to that business owner (sales rep).

Do you know the number one reason people STOP doing business with you?  The #1 reason people stop doing business with you is because they forgot about you!  Regardless of what your business is – direct sales, small business, non-profit (fundraising needs) or large-scaled business with multiple departments or people (agents, reps, etc).    As stated with today’s example, the #2 reason people stop doing business with you is they felt you took their business for granted and didn't appreciate them!  (Even if you still cared and often thought about them, the customer did not know that.)

Every month that you do not communicate in some way with your prospects or customers, you lose 10% of your influence over them.  If you let 10 months go by and never touch base, you have lost 100% of your influence and cannot get that back.  Now think of the opposite outcome if you were staying in touch with your customers and they were sending you referrals and leads... 

Need a system to help you stay in touch with your customers and show them that yes, you do care? I bet I know a Gratitude Girl who will help you get started.  J  Wishing you Mohr Success - Danielle

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Keep Pedaling

Can you believe my 2 ½ year old son Landon inspired today’s blog entry?  Tonight, my son was a good reminder to us, our team and the countless other friends and fans who are trying something new for the first time.  You might be trying something new like a new aerobics class, a new business or something even scarier.   Tonight, our son was trying out a new bicycle.  Although Landon has had experience with tricycles and big wheels, tonight’s challenge was still different.  We put our son on a two-wheel bike (it did have training wheels), but although it was bike – it in no way was similar to a tricycle.
Trying to start this bicycle was a lot more difficult than when he first climbed on.  The seat was smaller, the ground was further away if he fell, and he was going slower than he did the last time. Sometimes that is how a new entrepreneur feels as s/he begins a new business.  As my mentor in Send Out Cards, Adam Packard says and put so well in a book with the same title, “Stay the Course.”  Landon literally spun his wheels and didn’t move with his first attempt, but he didn’t give up and continued to press ahead.  The same analogy can be used for anyone with a business… it doesn’t just happen overnight and you have to realize all the effort you  are doing in the beginning will pay off – maybe just not in the first week. J 
Just as it will take Landon numerous times on his bike to master riding it, you will need to put the time and effort into your business.  Early in my direct sales career I was told “if you work your business like a hobby, then you will be paid like a hobbyist.”  Send Out Cards IS my business and I work it like any other job  I’ve had in the past with the exception that now I am my own boss, make my own hours, take vacation whenever I want and have no ceiling to my success.  I look at my datebook, compare calendars with my husband for the week and make a plan – who do I want to have coffee with, when can I do follow-up calls, attend a City Chamber event or a local networking (Meet-Up) group.
In conclusion, think of Landon and how he kept pushing forward and trying to pedal and move his bicycle.  If he can do it, you can do it.  You need to keep pushing forward in your business - every day provides a new start, new opportunities for you and those you meet.  The sky is the limit in direct sales; there is nobody in your way of your success.  So give it your all, keep pedaling and shoot for the moon.
My best to you, Danielle 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude – Keeping a Journal

Today I posted a photo of my Gratitude Journal on Facebook to stay accountable with some friends and it led me to today’s blog entry.
Wikipedia defines gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation as “a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive.” And in my life (not just business), I really try to be a Gratitude Girl.
I would highly recommend to others to keep a Gratitude Journals.  Gratitude Journals don't have to be fancy. Grab a notebook & just write the little things you appreciate.
(I have some friends who post on Facebook daily.)
Take a moment at the start or the end of the day to write down things that you are thankful or appreciative for specific to that day or may be heavy on your heart.  Start with writing five things daily – jot them down in a list as thoughts or write a narrative.  Write big things like family, kids, health or fun, simple (fun) things like seat warmers, coffee and such. Reflecting on all that you have really changes how you see your day and you’ll appreciate the many things you have right in front of you.
I post some photos now & then as accountability with my FB friends who started the year journaling with me – or maybe it inspires someone to start writing. (You don’t have to wait for a new year.)  The writing and the thoughts are all personal, but see what a difference saying "thanks" for the little things does for your spirit. 

I am grateful for you - those of you who encouraged me to blog & help other mos, those of you who help me brainstorm for ideas of relevance & importance to others, and to those of you who constantly support me.  Cheering you on! I am your biggest cheerleader.  Hugs, Danielle

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Appreciation Wins Over Self-Promotion… Everytime!

Simple question to get you thinking… Do you appreciate your clients and customers? If not, you’ll lose them in about four years. It is easier to keep your current clients and customers than go out and find others to replace them.  In my business, it is all about the relationships.  Although you may think your business is (insert type of company), you are really in the relationship business too. 
Approximately 70% of people will leave a business or a person (insert your title here) because they don’t feel appreciated.  Telling your client or customer is important; however, taking the time to send a card with a meaningful message is priceless.  Statistics show that if you are not "in front of your client" monthly or every other month, you will lose 10% of your clients - in ten months, you are out of clients from that original set.
Sending these cards to GIVE and not GET will make a difference in your business – in sales, referrals and so much more.  And while you’re sending cards, don’t forget those who work with you or beside you as a synergy partner and such.  Be genuine in your note and have no other motive or attempt to pitch a product or sale; the card should be about your client/customer.
With the ease of the internet and in the click of a button, send one card… send 1,000s of cards – I can show you how. You will see your customers appreciate that you care and will see your retention rates remain steady while these current customers help build your business with new referrals.  People choose to do business with those they trust – and a recommendation from a friend weighs more than an Yellow Page Ad, Facebook Page, or coupon.
Think about these three questions posed by “The Amazing Service Guy,” Kevin Stirtz:
1. I understand my customers have made a choice to be here…
2. I understand without my customers, I would not have a job or a paycheck…
3. Therefore I need to show my appreciation to every customer every time I work with them.
Allow us to show you how easy, convenient and affordable this appreciation concept is with a quick phone call or walk-thru.  May your business continue to bloom this season --Danielle

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How I do it?

Answer: Sometimes I don’t know. ;o)
I’m just teasing and all joking aside; I am a mom just like you, with family & personal commitments trying to do it all in the same 24 hours. I could write a couple days worth of blog entries with insight for ‘how to do it,’ but the number one thing I would tell you is to get some sleep.
SLEEP:  I once read that the hours of sleep we get before midnight are like getting a 2-for-1 deal. So if you go to bed at 10 pm - instead of that only being two hours of sleep until midnight, it’s like four hours and if you wake up at 6 am, you feel like you’ve slept 10 hours. However, the time/hours after midnight are just that. If you go to sleep at 1 am and wake up at 6am, you got and feel like you’ve slept five hours. I won’t say every day I get to bed before midnight; however, I probably make this curfew five nights a week.
Now what time to get up? That is all personal, but for my sanity I try to get up at least 30 minutes before my kiddos.  Now that has been working lately since they are sleeping in; however, there have been times that they come into our room before the alarm has gone off.   And then the day is off and running.   And it’s a juggle; especially when my husband is traveling – we have no family, no cleaning fairies; however, we are blessed to have a great Village of Friends & Neighbors.  I’ll share the rest of my suggestions in future blogs.  If I’m going to give the “sleep advice,” I best follow it.  Good night Friends!  --Danielle

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tax Day Approaching

Hi Friends, 

As tax day approaches, some people dread doing their taxes; however, we are not. This week is our time to finalize the taxes and honestly, we are very thankful to have a home-based business.  If you don’t have your own business yet, you need to look at one and see how it fits your family, your goals and your life. 

Obviously, we love what we do and now can enjoy all the benefits the tax code allows.  As someone who has been in direct sales for nine years, the number one question I field is ‘how to pick a home-business.’ I cannot tell you what business to choose; that is a personal… and family decision.  However, these are the nuggets I would share: (1) Direct Selling is booming! Find something you like and - whether you join us or not, who cares! Do something! (2) Does the company you choose have a retail site where others can purchase products without strings attached? (3) Finally, I would encourage you to look at different aspects of the company you are choosing: how long has the company been in business, what is your start-up risk (investment), are there monthly quotas that need to be met, what is the return on your investment/profit future and what is the future of the business?
From 2008-09 retailers turned in their worse earnings in 100 years while the direct selling industry reported $28.33 billion in sales during the same period. There are 16.1 million people getting a share of the 28 billion including us. Are you?  People wonder why we chose to promote Send Out Cards? The simplest answer is because SOC’s greeting cards are better, faster, easier and most importantly they cost 1/5 the price than our competitors. A direct sales business model allows our family to control our time, schedule, vacations and more – and there is cap on the income we can achieve.  There is no ceiling to our success unlike the days when we worked a J-O-B and couldn’t move up unless there was change/movement or someone died above us. With direct sales, there is no limit to your potential – and probably the reason, we cheer you all on and remind you to “Shoot for the Moon!”  --Danielle