Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year: Commit to You & Your Biz

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So glad you guys are writing your goals. In this You-Tube video clip I talk about the committment to your business for one year.  I'll write more in January (esp after my trip next week), but commit to your business and yourself for one year - ride the ups and downs and see how the Law of Averages prevails.

With SendOutCards and any direct sales biz, you need to be in it for a year to be competent and profitable and by 3 years, you will find yourself replacing your j-o-b income.... Work it side-by-side until then...

2012 will be your best yet... with your committement.
Shoot for the Moon! --Danielle

Friday, December 30, 2011

Road Map to Your Goals in 7 Steps

Here it is... December 30th.... Do you know where your 2012 Goals are?  IF not, take a minute to think about these statements/steps as you write your goals for the new year.
1. Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good. When setting goals it is very important to remember that your goals must be consistent with your values.

2. A goal cannot contradict any of your other goals. For example, you can’t buy a $750,000 house if your income goal is only $50,000 per year. This is called non-integrated thinking and will sabotage all of the hard work you put into your goals.

3. Develop goals in the 6 areas of life: Family and Home, Financial and Career, Spiritual and Ethical, Physical and Health. Social and Cultural, Mental and Educational. Setting goals in each area of life will ensure a more balanced life as you begin to examine and change the fundamentals of everyday living.

4. Write your goal in the positive instead of the negative. Work for what you want, not for what you want to leave behind. Part of the reason why we write down and examine our goals is to create a set of instructions for our subconscious mind to carry out. The more positive instructions you give it, the more positive results you will get.

5. Write your goal out in complete detail. Once again we are giving the subconscious mind a detailed set of instructions to work on. The more information you give it, the more clearer the final outcome becomes. The more precise the outcome, the more efficient the subconscious mind can become.

6. By all means, make sure your goal is high enough. Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll still be in the stars.

7. This is the most important, write down your goals. Writing down your goals creates the roadmap to your success. Although just the act of writing them down can set the process in motion, it is also extremely important to review your goals frequently. Remember, the more focused you are on your goals the more likely you are to accomplish them.

2011 was amazing! May your new year be filled with opportunities and abundance. All my best as you shoot for the moon. <3 Danielle

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food for Thought... Just the Stats, Ma'am!

Food for Thought... Ok it's more statistics, but they make one think. What is your plan for customer appreciation, retention and relationships? After reading some of these statistics, let's chat...

40% of consumers switched to buying from a competitor because of its reputation for great customer service.

55% cite great service, not product or price, as their primary reason for recommending a company.

66% said that great customer service was their primary driver for greater spending.

Recent surveys show that 87% of working people hate their jobs and most of them dream of owning their own business.

A recent survey disclosed the six major reasons why a customer switched representatives or product. 
  • 68% was because of negativism or indifference,
  • 17% had unresolved complaints,
  • 6% was because of price,
  • 5% started buying from relatives,
  • 3% moved,
  • 1% died.
  • Obviously the first two, which make up 85%, are the ones you can have the major influence upon. Make sure that your customers have a positive experience with you and with the products you sell them.
30% of adult children contribute financially to their parents. That number will grow.

Women tend to be less prepared for retirement than men. Too bad they retire earlier, live longer, and are more and more likely to be divorced.

43% have less than $10,000 in retirement savings

A record 33% of Americans now plan on working past the age of 70

The average American is 90 days away from bankruptcy.

The average bankruptcy could have been avoided with an extra $350 per month.

97% of Americans will be dependent to some degree on family, friends or the government in retirement.
Using SendOutCards will save you time & money in business while strengthening your relationships.  Looking for a business with one of the fastest growing companies with virtually no competition - look no further. 
Check out the intro video on SendOutCards about the product and ease of sending cards.  Do you like it? Know anyone else who sends cards & gifts? Then watch this video on the opportunity. 
Do you want to know more about our family's story and success, let's connect - in person, Skype, phone or email. We are here for you and will be your biggest cheerleader as you shoot for the moon! 

Always here for you - Tim & Danielle

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Best Investment

Busy month with the holidays, but this post by friend Brian Cook seems timely as you make plans for 2012....  Keep reading.

"Most people live in regret and everyone wishes they would have not passed up on an opportunity.

There's an old saying that if you don't act now, then you'll probably never act. I was doing some research today about some companies that were small less than ten years ago that are now houseld names doing millions - billions in profit yearly. I looked at two, nine years ago Netflix was trading at $7.72 a share. Today $247.60! Then there's Apple, you've probably heard of them. Nine years ago they were trading at $7.25 a share. Today $332.19!

WOW! I'm just curious how would have it feel if you have invested in either company just 9 years ago. Better yet how would it feel if you would have invested $500 and got paid just a nickel off every DVD rented or iPod sold? Most people would say HECK YA I'd be SET for life. I'd be retired, living in my dream home, driving my dream cars and taking my dream vacations.

Guess what?

I know the next company that's going to do that!

So what's easier for you to keep putting off your dreams or talk to me to see what the heck I'm talking about.

If you are curious of what this company is....ASK!"

You've heard our story and what abundances have come our way in just a year.  An old coach used to say "Should have, Could have, Would have never won a ball game." Don't miss out on a chance to make a difference for your family. Allow us to share more details as you plan for SOC-cess in the new year. 
All my best - Danielle

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do you still believe?

Wow! I knew I was struggling to write since tragedy took a friend in November, but I apologize for my absence.  Well, a full day (from 12-8pm) free of technology and filled with great fun. Returned from morning sports and put our pajamas back on.  Ordered pizza, made popcorn, and settled in for a holiday movie marathon.

The movie watching concluded with "The Polar Express."  And I want to leave you these words as you think about 2012... what are your goals... where do you want to be... what is your dream....

From "The Polar Express"   One thing about trains... It doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on."

Do you still hear the bell ring? Do you still believe? This Christmas and always, don't forget to DREAM! ♥

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How do I blog after my last entry?!?

Hi Friends and Followers -

First of all, you are amazing individuals who have offered up prayer for two families this week... and have included prayers for my heart. I'm blessed.  I have to admit, I'm kinda stuck on how or what to blog... While I find the next fitting entry, I wanted to share a email I received about the last video.

Last week, I tried all morning to create the video reminding you (and me) to act on our promptings.. you know that little voice that we often ignore.  I tried all morning and I never got it done... then our 3 year old came home and I still hadn't been successful.  Our kiddo was almost a good distraction to keep my tears away so I could share the message.  I was concerned and expressed it to friends that I didn't want the video to appear disrespectful with Landon crawling in the background, but was reasured he did not do that.

Here is what a friend sent me:
"Danielle - God was speaking to you that day and he wanted you to do the video. Not a perfect video but that is OK because none of us are. It was genuine and heartfelt and that is what is important along with your message. I thought it was very sweet that your son wanted to be a part of it. I always thought you had a good heart Danielle even when we were kids. That is obviously still reflected yet today! : ) "

Thank you to my friend above and to all of you who have sent messages, texts, phone calls and cards. You are amazing. I hope I have blessed your life as much as you have mine and our family's. Thank you for being part of our "Family" in and outside of SendOutCards.

Big Hugs,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Reminder to Act of a Prompting - You don't get a Second Chance

Thank you Denai for your friendship - you are a gem who will be missed by many. I opened my heart and may look vulnerable in this video, but didn't want another friend to miss an opportunity to listen to that little voice... I didn't want another friend to live with the regret of waiting on that voice (aka: prompting) as I did with my trip to see you. May your passing remind us all to act on our promptings. Here is my video - I won't waste another opportunity.

I will forever keep your words from your Grief Blog Radio show on Monday as your lesson and God's preparation for his plan to send an Angel home.  It was a year almost that you opened up to us to share your pain when losing three friends in a blog/you-tube post.

Our family prays for Tim and Tori and all the family and friends who miss your sunshine here! I will never hear a "WOO HOO" without thinking of you.  You leave a legacy and definitely exemplified your quote, "Live A Life... That Out Lives Your Life."  Now those are some words to live by!

Lots of love,

Monday, November 7, 2011

Business Building Reminders from a 3-Year Old

Another day of fun with the kids and another chance for a lesson that goes waaaaay beyond learning to ride a bike.  Today our 3 year old wanted to ride a two-wheel bike (with training wheels of course), but has struggled with 'pedaling.' I took a lot of videos since dad was gone to send/text and show him.  During the playbacks of the videos I started to hear myself and the "wisdom" I was telling our son, trying to encourage him and teach him to keep going listen & remind myself of the same advice.

I thought there were enough "wisdom nuggets" to compile and share in this post.  So if you don't get tired of watching a 3-year old pedal, you might actually find some words that speak to you.

When You Get Stuck - Keep Going....

Practice - Practice - Practice...

Never Give Up....

Leaders Keep Moving too - Momentum....


 It's funny that it takes someone so small to remind all of us in business (no matter your industry) what it takes to succeed.  Your success will not happen over night and you always need movement and action (not to be confused with "activity"). Make a plan and stick with it! As mentor, Adam Packard wrote "Stay the Course..."  Find your business, make a plan and have the best year yet....

Cheering You On As Your Shoot for the Moon - Danielle

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beta Phase/Test is Live!

Hi All,

Getting back to my blog after being gone on vacation and boy do I have a lot to write and share.  Today's entry is just to let everyone know that SendOutCards beta testing phase is now LIVE!!! Click here to see my introduction.

We are thrilled for our team because with this addition you are able to offer so much more. Don't get me wrong, the greeting card is and will be the heart of the company - how can you beat this tool for ease and pricing. With the holidays around the corner, we look forward to helping you!

Want to try to create a  holiday card - or send wishes from Halloween?  Take a peek at our Halloween card on Facebook here or send one yourself at by going directly to our site.  Happy Sending!

Until the next time, keep shooting for the moon.
Danielle & Tim

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Millionaire Todays... Your Choice

Quick Facts for Today...  Did you know that in in the US there were:

3.6 million millionaire families in 1991
7.2 million millionaire families in 2001
10 million millionaire families in 2011

In the 1990's the best way to make money was to make things. Today the best way to make money is the distribute things. This is the age of the home based business.

The millionaire population exploded. And all Millionaires MAKE a CHOICE. What choice will you make today?

Of course, we favor our business with SendOutCards as there are no home parties, inventory or pressuring friends to buys items they may not need. We all have a need to send cards and gifts - we might only send approx 10 a year, but have a need for at least 70.  We've shown that with the ease of SOC's system - it is now affordable and convenient.  We all missed the opportunity with Netflix, but we are beyond thankful for all the blessings SendOutCards has provided us.

Make your choice for you and your family. It's not a get-rich path, but there is so much freedom within 2-5 years.  Shoot for the Moon and make your Dreams a Reality. --Tim & Danielle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today I am sharing this entry from our friend and supportive SendOutCards' husband, Stuart Snook.  He wrote it this past weekend in regards to his wife, Lori starting on our team.  He writes to all our friends and about missing this opportunity to be in a "young" company that is going places.  If you had known about Netflix ten years ago, would you would have done it... well, here is SendOut Cards.  For the friends who are on this journey, we are thrilled - we didn't want to leave you behind.  We'll always be here for you. --Tim & Danielle
"What is your excuse?

I have spent the past twelve years in sales. I have heard every reason to buy or not to buy. I have heard every excuse. Sometimes these people have made mistakes, sometimes not. What is your excuse?

I have a relative that tells a story about a missed opportunity. He was talking to a friend that was trying to sell a new business idea. He believed that one day you would be able to call your wife as she was shopping at the mall, on a wireless phone. This business man was looking for investors for his new company. My relative’s comments: “That is Star Trek type stuff. It will never happen.” Needless to say, he did not invest in this company. This company now has $19 billion dollars in revenue. What is your excuse?

We have all heard the stories about Fred Smith and his term paper that started Fed Ex. He thinks he got his usual “C” on the paper. At one point, he even took some money to Vegas. His winnings went to the company just to make payroll. Can you imagine a world without overnight delivery? What is your excuse?
Two years ago I got laid off. I could not find a job. My brother was in the same boat. We decided to start a company. This was originally just to keep up our skill set so we could find a “real” job. Eighteen months later, we have one million dollars in sales and some long term agreements with a Fortune 50 company. This is no longer a hobby. What is your excuse?

My wife joined an organization known as Send Out Cards approximately 3 months ago. It is a network marketing company. I am not a fan of network marketing. I hate having to buy inventory. I hate being invited to parties where you are pressured to buy crap you will never use, need, or seek out in normal life. This is different. This does not have inventory or parties. I do not have a lifetime supply of toothpaste, or laundry detergent. She has taken her distributorship and really kicked into overdrive. To say that her success has been extraordinary is an understatement. I almost told her not to join. What would have been my excuse?

This company is experiencing tremendous growth. What is your excuse? Contact us and find out what this company is all about. DO NOT LET THIS BE THE OPPORTUNITY THAT YOU LET SLIP AWAY! Not enough time? Too expensive? Not sure I know how to do this? What is your excuse?"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Keys to Abundant Living

“Three keys to more abundant living:
caring about others,
daring for others,
sharing with others.”
       --William Arthur Ward

Amazing that our business allows us to do all and make a differnce for our family. We hope you have the same success - if not, we're here to help you.

Shoot for the Moon - Danielle & Tim

Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Minutes for Progress

Although the photo for this blog seems to be referencing physical activity, I want you to think about taking 30 minutes each day for you.  It doesn't have to be the same task or activity.  Take 30 minutes today (yet) or start tomorrow and do something "better" in your life.  Take 30 minutes and make progress towards something.

Think about how powerful 30 minutes will be over one month?  When you add up the 30 minute "investments" for thirty days, that is 900 minutes... that is 15 hours of progress.

And 15 hours of progress is better than 15 hours of regret... or 15 hours of not doing anything. Maybe your 30 minutes is physical activity/exercises, maybe it's meditation or time to journal, maybe it's time to read a couple chapters of a personal development book, etc.

What area(s) in your life are you going to tackle in 30 minutes blocks.  It's a retorical question, but if you want to share - we'd love to hear about it below in the comments or in a email message.

Cheering you on.... because what is 15 hours for one month, will soon be approximately 19 days of progress in one year.  That is nineteen more days of progress than you had last year.

Thirty minutes a day changed our lives!  We are cheering you on!  --Danielle & Tim

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Hard is it to Have a SOC Business?

Hi Friends,

I am sharing a question I received in an message today: "How hard is it to have a SendOutCards business?"

While "Easy" may have been simple enough, click here for my answer.

Shoot for the moon,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seize the Moment (video)

Success = Preparation + Opportunity. 

Take a peek at my diary entry - We compared a football game between Iowa & Iowa State this weekend, but no matter the analogy, what are you waiting for?  If an opportunity is there, take it - if you don't, someone else will.  Follow the "What If!"  The "What If" is what changed things for our family and whatever your "What If," I hope it does the same for you too.

Cheering you on, Danielle

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about,
read about, and talk about intensely, you're going to attract more of into your life.

Think of it this way... According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase "I need more money" allows the subject to continue to "need more money". If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as "I have as much money as I need" or "I have a job that pays very well". ♥   Shoot for the moon. -Danielle

Friday, September 2, 2011

I wanted to share a video from February 2011 when I was interviewed by Patty Farmer, Your Branding, Marketing and Networking Expert on Kathy Hines' Celebrity U Radio/TV Show.  We talk about your ROR (aka: Return On Relationships), as coined by Patty Farmer.  If you are a business and do not have a follow-up systerm for customers, clients or prospects - please watch this video.  If you are a business that has a follow-up system, but needs something better - please watch this video.

Click here to watch how easy it is to send card and gifts... for all your relationships.

Lesson from the Video & our best buisness advice: Appreciation will "win" over self-promotion everytime.  Imagine the return on a $5 Starbucks card for a referral or a box of brownies... Imagine the impact you just made on someone's day. "Give to Give" without strings attached and you'll be amazed what happens.

My best to you, Danielle

PS: I know I should smile more (thank Mom!). However, to my defense I had just had my braces put on and between the pain of placement & vanity, I didn't want others to see the, ;o)

Monday, August 29, 2011


Valued for every hour you share,
Open to giving your generous care,
Lending a hand as well as your heart,
Ultra-dedicated in doing your part,
Noted for going abouve andbeyond,
Taking the time to smile and to bond,
Extraordinary in how you brighten days,
Eager to help in so many ways
Reliable in all that we request of you,
Someone who's loyal, dedicated, and true!

Thought the poem was great and wanted to share. To those of you who give your time & talents to another person or cause, THANK YOU!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Excitement & Can't Sleep

Have you ever been so excited that you can't go to sleep? I guess that is me tonight. We had a great team call and shared the scoop from the SendOutCards convention in August. All I can say to quote Martin Luther King, Jr. "The time is now."  WOW!  Eric Worre shared at conventiond that SOC is at the tipping point of success.  Although we joke about SOCs comparison to Netflix, it is true. If you knew what you knew about Netflix years ago and that you'd be making $ on every DVD sent out, you would have joined.  Well, that is the time with SendOutCards.

While we all judge our succes differently, we all have goals. (Refer that that Blog entry.) Look at the position in your company, look at the volume or sales.... How are you working your business? Are you treating it like a business or are you treating it like a hobby?  You will paid appropriately. 

Whatever your goals, what would happen if you doubled your efforts?  What if you sent 2 cards a day vs. one, what if you sent 2 gifts a week vs. one... what if you did double the gift-account walk-thrus..?  How would your business be different?  We all have motivation.  If a child was sick and you needed $ money, you'd work your business differently to achieve it... How can you use that same idea of motivation for goals to reach those you've set?

We've challenged ourselves and I challenge you to see what you can do for your business within the next three months... yep, 90 days!  How can you double your efforts to double your rewards?

We are here! Yes, we cheer you on; however, we are here to coach, brainstorm and help you achieve your goals as you shoot for the moon.

All our best,

Monday, August 22, 2011

Send Out Cards - 3 min Video

For our Customers... Follow the What If?
Take a peek at this 3 minute video - and see if what you know and love as a "Customer," might be an opportunity for something bigger.

Shoot for the moon - you know we are cheering you on!
Hugs, Danielle & Family

My Gratitude Journal - shared entries

Do you have a Gratitude Journal? If not, I encourage you to get one. You can see details in an earlier blog post, but it doesn't have to be fancy.  Just get a notebook and give yourself 5 minutes when you start your day to reflect on all your blessings... big or small.  Click here to see my journal as I read some entries, but you can create a list or write in a narrative. In these simple five minutes, watch how your day will change... your outlook... the way you appreciate what you have.  There is nothing fancy to my journal (seen here or on the video), but a place for me to write my thought & appreciate all that we have.

Thinking of you. I am GRATEFUL for you - your friendship, your following and your support!  Thank you for you!  Hugs, Danielle

Friday, August 19, 2011

Financial Freedom is NOT Promised

Hi Friends -

You might be thinking the title is tough and unlike all the other teases to blogs, videos and ads! I don't want it to be tough, I want it to be real.  After nine years in network marketing, I will share with you first-hand that financial freedom is not promised.  Financial Freedom is not going to 'just happen' as you sit there.  Financial Freedom is POSSIBLE.

View this short video from me and look at the network marketing company you are with or that you are considering joining.  What is that company's history... and what is the company's future? What is your investment to join?  Time? Money? Etc... and how fast can you earn the investment back?  You need to do your homeork - talk to your spouse, partner, family and make the best decision for you!

IF you are not involved in network marketing, I recommend you read any book by Robert T. Kiyosaki, including "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and "The Business of the 21st Century."  It'll will be well worth it!

Cheering you on,

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be The Boss Interview

WOW!  This magazine is a must for any of our readers to check out: Be The Boss
Although I'm biased to the Interview on Page 12, I am posting this magazing and all the interview in hopes of making a difference for YOU.  I want you, our followers & friends looking for opportunities to be their own boss...

While I cannot comment on all the companies or speak for the reps, I would tell you to look at the companies, the Whys and find the best choice for you. Contact the reps listed, check out websites, and learn more.   Of course, there are numerous companies not listed, but this is a good start. Look at the companies history, investment, risk and future - look at the needs of your family, time committment, and goals. 
Always here for you & cheering you on - Danielle

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Out of MY Comfort Zone

Hi Blog Friends,

As I've often challenged you to step out of your comfort zone, it is my turn to "do as I say."  Yep!  Our SendOutCards team, friends and fans have asked for video... Fom Mom Videos in doing the work/child juggle to Business Ideas.  My Disclaimer: These are just 'our' ideas - things that have worked for us and ideas for you to consider, use or tweak.  We are here to give you ideas and inspire you to be your best... no matter what your business is or how many kids you have or your goals for personal & business growth.

Our You-Tube Debut! Click Here

Fingers crossed I embedded the link here.  (I told you I am learning all these technical skills.) Shoot for the moon!  We are cheering you on.
Hugs, Danielle

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Compliment from a SOC User (Link)

Hi Friends,

Today's blog entry is pretty easy. I just had the highest compliment made to our business as a friend took time to write about SendOutCards, us and how she has become a card sender.

Please check out Paige's Blog, "Always So Random" which has this testimonial and lots of other fun stuff.  Depending on when you are reading my blog, her entry is dated Aug 11, 2011.

Enjoy!  And if we can help you become 'that girl' too, please let us know. 
Hugs, Danielle

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Staying In Touch -

I was asked to write a blog entry for Professional Building Network (PBN) Group and I wanted to share the content with you too.  Enjoy!  To your success - Danielle
Staying In Touch by Danielle Mohr
Are you one of the 40% of sales people that do NOT follow-up with a prospect?  If yes, stay tuned for a future blog. However, if you are one of those that do follow-up, how do you keep in contact with those you have networked with or met?  How do you set yourself apart from others?
The best advice I could share would be to stay in touch and with this staying in touch efforts, make sure you are giving to give… and not necessarily gain business immediately.  The referrals and business are the goal, but with kindness and appreciation you will achieve that success. You will quickly learn that appreciation will “win” over self-promotion every time.
The first idea someone has to stay in touch is using e-mails.  While it is convenient to send emails, you need to make these attempts personal. Write and send a personal e-mails asking how the customer/client is and and briefly share a couple sentences what you have been doing. This isn’t a sales solicitation.  And yes, the phone still works… pick it up, dial and say “Hello!”
The goal is to try to stay in touch with your customers, clients and prospects on a regular basis. Eighty percent of sales are made between the 5th- 12th contact or interaction.  A hand-written note is a great way to show you care and stand out from the crowd. Send the card to your customer/client on special occasions and send them “just because” for fun & a positive contact with your recipient.  Send out seasonal cards – I have a client who swears by sending Thanksgiving cards for his business. It is his moment to express his gratitude for their relationship and business. By sending Thanksgiving cards, he believes he is standing out among the traditional holiday card. 
While holidays are a great time to send out cards, you can get pretty creative when to send other cards to have an opportunity to make those customer/client contacts.  Try sending recipe postcards or themed cards: “Spring Ahead – Set Your Clocks Forward” or notes of appreciation: “Thanks for your business or Thanks for the Referral” with a gift card to a coffee shop or such. Send notes about career changes, marriage, new houses, babies and sympathy cards. The gesture goes a long way.  These handwritten notes carry a great return on the networking you began. You may look at your contacts in business or with other businesses and think how will I be able to write all those cards?  There again, is another blog entry or you can contact me for the how-tos or try it out for FREE!.
The underlying key no matter what form you use to stay in touch is to build the relationship. Keep connected and nuture the friendships so they don’t disappear. These relationships are with people who you support and will support you. The first step is up to you.
And remember, "a card a day - keeps the competition away."

Saturday, August 6, 2011

100 Marketing Ideas (Link)

Hi Business Friends,

After posting a link to Senior Marketing Advisor's recent magazine article on our Facebook page, we received half-a-dozen phone messages today from businesses wanting to know more.  While we take the weekend off, I promise to return these calls on Monday.  For the rest of you, I didn't want you to miss out, so I'm sharing the link to the original article. 

If you are looking for sales and marketing ideas, here are 100 of the best ever!  We like #45 - and you can too.  Allow us to show you how easy it is to use our system to send 1 card or 1,000. Phone, Skype or Coffee - we'll connect.  Save time and money with SendOutCards and us!

Remember, "a card a day keeps the cometition away."
We are happy to assist you.  --Tim & Danielle

Friday, August 5, 2011

Say What You Mean... Today

The month has just begun and we've already had the need to send sympathy cards to Friends for family losses.  My heart aches and I will never know what our Friends are feeling, nor will we have the "right" words when we send a heartfelt note.  But we do just that - we sit down and send a heartfelt card with our own sentiments.  Forget that it is in our handwriting and signatures, but just think about the impact that our Friends feel with this gesture of love.

We're blessed to use our SendOutCards system/tool so we can immediately act on our intention.  Too often we have the intention, but due to time or money we may not act on it.  Although are words won't be the "right" words, they will be there for Friends to read and re-read for comfort.

Don't be afraid to express yourself. We share so much admiration and praise for others in their eulogies.  We want to provide you a system/tool to act on your intention and celebrate those around you TODAY!  We encourage you to reach out and tell someone what they mean to you. 

If you love someone, have praise/admiration or the need to say thanks - do so today.  Seize the day. Never have regrets. And most importantly, stay close to your friends and family. Reach out and tell them TODAY because when you decide that it is the right time it might be too late. 

Have the thought to send a card now? Click here to send greeting card for FREE! 

Hugs, Danielle

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take Time for Your Mate & You!

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that my husband & I were MIA for a couple weeks with trips to Nashville and Las Vegas. Those two weeks were amazing and I gained so much insight, appreciation and fresh perspective for myself and my roles in family and business. I have a list of items/blog entries I want to write about from these moment.  And even though my girlfriend thinks I’m nuts “put [my]self out there," I thought this would be a good start...
Although it is one of those things you know, your closest relationship is with your mate.  And such is true for me, as my relationship with Tim. We’ve been married 12 years and counting and as you know the husband & wife relationship changes when you become father & mother.  In writing this, I don’t mean to imply the change is negative – it is just different.  And for us, it is exciting and fun to experience our adventures, vacations, life lessons and more as a group of five than solo.  I will be the first one to admit that we don’t take the dates and time away as a couple (as all the “experts” advise); however, we make other “dates” and prioritize our couple time over family time occasionally.  We don’t choose couple time over family time to be selfish, we chose it to flourish & strengthen our family time.
Since we don’t always make the true date (restaurant, movie, etc) out in the community, one thing we do is plan a date for a late dinner together at home.  We do this with take-out dinners (yep, even our favorite Hibachi restaurant creates meals for us) or late dinner for us when the kids go to bed.   I am a huge component of family meals, so we still sit/snack with the boys during their dinner to continue conversation, but save our dinner & dialogue for a little later in the night.
How do we have dinner or this quiet time? We’ve been lucky to have good sleepers, but we also encourage bedtimes around 8 pm +/- 30 minutes depending on the kiddos’ age.  Your ‘in-home’ dates don’t have to be perfect or expensive… perhaps it’s sharing a TV show, playing cards, dinner, looking at photos or just the simple conversations without being interrupted. 
Don’t let your business or outside stresses separate your relationship with your spouse. A great book is When Husband and Wife Become Mom and Dad by Elisa Morgan & Carol Kuykendall in which they share, “Hope comes in realizing that the chaos you’re experiencing in your marriage is perfectly normal.” And that is a reality.  In a life with kids (I’d never change that), we are rarely going to FIND time with our partner/spouse – we have to MAKE it. 
One thing I’ve enjoyed doing these last two years (and my parents are spoiling us) has been taking a solo (aka couple’s) trip with Tim for a couple of days.  We have no immediate family around us to call for a weekend sleepover or a quick babysitting favor, so true dinner and movie dates are far & few between as we’ve already stated.  My sister doesn’t know how good she has it w/ both sets of grandparents within a 1-3 mile radius. *wink-wink*  Our parents have been kind to offer up their time while visiting us in TX to stay with the kids so we could take simple, 3-day trips ALONE.  We’ve have been blessed to do this the last two summers as a couple… no parenting, discipline, cutting up meals, etc.  In 2010, we went to San Francisco & Napa Valley.  We spent time on the Pier, toured Alcatraz, and bicycled 16 miles around the wineries.  This year we went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  Both trips were amazing!  Yes, the sites were great; however, it was a time for us to reconnect, pretend we were newlyweds and reminisce our adventures – from courting in college to parenting. 
Both of us will tell you it has been the best thing we’ve done.  The memories of the trips are vivid in my mind.  If I close my eyes, I feel like I’m standing on the bottom of the Grand Canyon with the same overwhelming and child-like awe as I did that day.  Even after the trips are over, we chat about our time together, joke about the community pool’s similarities to the Venetian Hotel in Vegas (not!) or figure out how to buy another case of wine from our favorite Napa Valley Winery.  While I am enjoying these memories, I can’t help but let my mind wander for the ‘where’ of next summer. (Thanks Mom & Dad for the offer. This is the best gift ever!)
You may be thinking 3-days are still too much – for expenses or trust of another.  Again, you could do this with an overnight… maybe you go somewhere locally to stay overnight or maybe you schedule sleepovers for your kiddos and trade the favor with friends.  No matter what your budget allows, I guess the lesson of today’s blog entry is to find time for your mate!  I bet you are working hard at maintain your (girl) friendships; now just make sure to put the attention on your closest relationship with your mate or spouse.
You know me… your biggest cheerleader.  Sending hugs - Danielle

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacation - Return to Blog

My Fans and Friends,

My sincerest apologies as I log in today to share my many insights and reflections from the past month.  I cannot believe it's been almost a month since my last entry.  (Guess it proves I blog 'live' and nothing is prearranged.) I never intended to be MIA for that long and leave you without word; however, with summer vacation with the kids and two trips my time to blog has been minimal.  But I'm back and have so much to share.... from looking forward & not back, gambling, reflections of sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon, relationships and so more. I almost don't know where to start, but to just share and embelish on my journal entries. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationships and stories here and on Facebook.

Hugs, Danielle

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Making Your Biz Profitable & Others Do the Same

If you don't follow Send Out Cards on Facebook, you may have missed this.  Here is what DeMarr Zimmerman posted to SendOutCards. Make your Sendoutcards profitable and help others to the same....

"3 personally sponsored entrepreneurs will pay for you license to get started (3 x $140 = $420) and 10 subscribing retail customer will pay for your monthly $31 auto subscription (retail commission - (10 x $9.80 x .30 = $29.40) + wholesale commission - (10 x $6.20 x .05 = $3.10) = $32.50 ($29.40 + $3.10).

"This is the story we need to tell...3 and 10! Once you have 3 and 10 from that point on you are in the black, making money!" ∼ Eric Worre, Executive with Sendoutcards and International expert on Network Marketing"

The above was a post from today, from DeMarr to Send Out Cards' on their Wall - I couldn't click *share,* so I copied and pasted his comments here.   

You wanted to know how our family has so much success... welll, it all started with this... and it can for you too.  PM or email Tim or I and we'll share our story - it's no secret. I spent eight years with another direct sales company and made my share of commissions, but never saw the success we've had the past 15 months.  Yes, we've only been doing this for just over a year!  In eight years, I never went on one incentive trip... I'm going on a FREE CRUISE in October courtesy of SOC... and the fun part is, I'm not going alone.  I have a friend going with me who earned her cruise free too.  You can do it too - Listen to the 'What If" and do it. We will be here to help you along the way.  As most companies say, "you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself..." and such is true with Send Out Cards throughout the company.   It is joked about that Send Out Cards is the Netflix of today - but it's not a joke because if someone told me years ago I could make money on each DVD rented, we would have done it in a heartbeat.  Well, we get a re-do. ;o)   

If you've never listened to the SOC intro video, we recommend doing it at our website - CLick on #1 and then afterwards, if you've never sent a card - then continue with #2.  And if you have questions - for either of us, please PM us or drop an email to or  

Shoot for the Moon.  We are cheering you on - Sincerely, Danielle & Tim

Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Definition of Freedom

Here is just a sampling of what the word freedom means to us:
  • The ability to work for myself. ;o)
  • The ability to travel - locally and other far-off, fun locations.
  • The ability to do business on my schedule where I choose.
  • The ability to give my time to friends and family with out worrying about going to work and asking for permission.  This means being present for our boys' school events, fieldtrips and more that I may have missed with a j-o-b.
  • The ability to wake up in this great country and choose what I want to do becaus of those who serve & sacrafice... so that we all have these choices and freedoms. 
Have a safe & blessed holiday from our family to you!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are You Thanking Your Employees & Downlnes?

No matter your business, you as the owner or manager are similar to that of a Coach.  Your employees, sales reps, downlines and others within your company are part of your team and you are the Coach.  And just like any team, the performance of each individual player affects the performance and image of the entire team.

Now-a-days, you see a turn-over within a business as employees look for other options.  Not always do employees leave for bigger & better things, some employees leave because they did not feel appreciated.  You will find yourself in a cycle of training employees who leave, thus costing you time and money.

Do you send them a thank you card, a gift or even say "Hey, you did a great job!"  Have you ever thought what a difference your note of appreciation or gratitude for their efforts, performance or success would have on the employee?!?  We all have an innate desire to be appreciated... what if it were so simple as sharing your thoughts in written words.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." -Wm Authur Ward.  Allow us to show you how easy it is to use a system for personal & business needs - for customers, employees and downlines. Take a couple minutes and show someone you care... you appreciate them.

We are making a difference for many and will be there to help you make a difference too.

Friday, June 24, 2011

SMARTER Goal Setting

It seems we have more success when we review our month of action – here we reflect and revise.  We take a look and evaluate if we achieved the goals set for this month.  Then we edit as necessary – maybe we need to be more realistic or maybe we need to stretch and challenge ourselves a bit more. The most important thing we can do is to keep moving forward and set new monthly goals & action items.  (Remember the “Just Keep Swimming” blog entry. J)
Goal Setting – it’s something we all want to do, but sometimes don’t know how to get started.  Take a moment to write your goals you want to achieve… make a list…. business, personal, family or financial goals.  When you have a list, prioritize your goals – more than one item can be #1.  But after you have prioritized the goals, the next step is a bit tougher.  Why are these goals so important? If you achieve these goals, what does it mean to you? To your family?  There is probably more than one answer to that question.
So, how to begin – just think “SMARTER.”
  • S=Specific
  • M=Measurable
  • A=Action oriented
  • R=Realistic
  • T=Time deadline
  • E=Excuses
  • R= Reward 
The first step, write SPECIFIC goals – if you give clarity to your goal, you give clarity to your mind, your partner/family and know what is expected. 
Make your goals MEASUREABLE – if you don’t measure the goal, it is only an intention.  Perhaps your measure is in weight (pounds), finances (manicure or car payment), or time.
There are steps that will help your goal be ACTION oriented.  How are others energized by your goal? These others don’t need to know where you are heading; however, you need to.  I totally believe in an Accountability Partner, so if you don’t have one – get one. J This could be someone to check in with for miles walked, a meet-up at the gym, phone calls or meetings – anything, but we seem to follow-thru when we are accountable to someone other than just ourselves.
All goals are achievable. And we are a “Shoot for the Moon” family, but in all the goals we’ve created, we always make them REALISTIC.  Look at your goals, say them aloud and attain them – stating you want to make $500/month is realistic and achievable to pay for your car payment.  Your subconscious will support this statement & goal more than if you shoot for $1M this month before you hit the other realistic goals. Given the TIME deadline & your resources, are you likely to reach this – keep your goal high enough to stretch, but realistic to obtain.
Speaking of TIME deadlines, do you have a specific date to complete or earn the goal? You can also break the goal down into steps or smaller accomplishments to gauge progress.  Members of our CardsAndMohr team do this – whether than have been with us for a week or a year.  Some of our business goals are now goals for our team. We love coaching others to success.
Now for EXCUSES, get rid of them!  You are the only one standing in front of your success.
And finally, remember to REWARD yourself and your family, after-all your partner & family have been supportive in achieving these goals.
Remember just as you have the goals and action items, you must do just that…. take action every day. For those of us in SendOutCards, it is as easy as sending a heart-felt card a day, a gift a week or doing a gift-account walk-thru in person, phone or Skype session.  And while you are taking action, keep yourself accountable. As mentioned, use an accountability partner or journal about your activities or keep a scorecard.  SendOutCard has a great scorecard called the “Daily 8” and it a great reminder for my action items & keeps our eye on the prize (goal). 
Finally, with all this talk of scorecards, goals, etc… Sign Your Name… Yep, sign on the dotted line below your goals.  Make a commitment to your goal, your business, your family, and your future.  Now shoot for the moon – we are here to help along the way… consider us your Success Coach. Sincerely, Danielle & Tim

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wow - Exciting Stats

During the first 143 days of 2011 Send Out Cards averaged 31 new customers a day.  During the last two weeks we averaged 446 new customers a day! If my math is right, our customer base is growing 1450% faster since the new retail changes! From Jan. 1 - May 23rd of 2011 Send Out Cards added 4383 customers. In the last 2 weeks we have added 6238 new customers! That's more new customers in 2 weeks than the previous 20 weeks!

The summer is one of our slowest times of year for growth! Imagine what November and December will look like.  If you want to more know about the Retail Options or how to start a SOC business of your own, check out our Send Out Cards page.  Your time is now - shoot for the moon!  <3 Danielle

Friday, June 10, 2011

Advice for Grads & Reminders for the Rest of Us

The past month we’ve been helping families create and send numerous graduation cards.  I think the unique ability to create their own cards with as many photos as they desired set their invitations apart.  As we celebrate the 2011 graduates, I have flashbacks to my own commencements… high school, college and graduate school.  It sounds cliché, but the statements of “Live your dreams” or “You are in control of your destiny” are pretty prominent and very true as we have the future in our hands. We make our own decisions.

There was a commencement address of from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who told the graduates of the Boston College School of Law, “My advice to you is to stay optimistic. Things usually have a way of working out.”  Again, it’s cliché to say; however, it is very true - the future is not like it used to be.  No longer do you need to work 40 hours a week for forty years… I really enjoyed the book, “The Business of the 21st Century” by Rich Dad Poor Dad author, Robert T. Kiyosaki.  He makes great statements and questions – and sums it up by saying ‘you need to take charge of your future by taking control of your income source – today! You need your own business.”

If you’re like us, you might think “Oh, really?” How am I going to have my own business?  Well, Mr. Kiyosaki, our family and numerous others would tell you to look at Direct Sales or Network Marketing.  As we’ve blogged (see archive), you need to research the businesses you are interested in and consider – their history and their future… including their competition.  We have our story and so do many other entrepreneurs in other business; it’s finding what is best for you… for your family.

If I could add other nuggets, it would be:

(1) It’s going to take work. Just like any j-o-b, you will have to work for your goals; however, in direct sales (network marketing) there is no ceiling.  You can achieve more than the one who sponsored you… you don’t have to wait for someone to retire to advance in this business.
(2) Don’t be afraid of failure. I wish I could immediately put my hands on the quote about Edison and the numerous times he failed with the light bulb or Michael Jordan and the missed shots.  It basically said, “I succeed because I failed.”  [I’m sure one of you will find the full quotes for me.]
(3) Don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith… if you’ve heard a “WHAT IF” whisper – maybe you take it.  You don’t have to leave your j-o-b while you start a direct sales position… and sometimes it fits well with your current position.  But if you have goals to leave your j-o-b, then make goals… perhaps you start off to make $X/month to equal your current salary and then your next goal is to double that… and so forth. 

I will tell you after being in direct sales for nine years and only one year with SendOutCards, this is the best opportunity I have ever been part of.  I am blessed to be home with our three boys and be present for all their school, sports and extra-curricular events.  I add to our budget with a real income and save for splurges like vacations and weekend fun.  We have a team of men and women who I am empower and providing opportunities that they never thought possible.  And if you know Tim or I personally, then you know how our CardsAndMohr team’s success means more than any personal success we attain.  Seeing others obtain freedom – time, money and stress warms my heart. It's like our proud parent moments in regards to sponsoring. 

Maybe you’ve heard the “WHAT IF” whisper… maybe you had a fleeting thought for an idea… there is no better time to try it than right now. If you are inspired by an idea, follow it.  As my dear biology teacher, coach and mentor used to say “should of, could of, would of never won a ball game.  Don’t wait – your time is now.  Always here to help and cheering you on - Danielle