Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Gratitude Challenge Participants

My heart is sooo happy? Guess who is doing the Gratitude Challenge? Yep - our boys! The big boys pooled their money together and are sharing the 30 days to send cards to their teachers, coaches and friends. They are loving it and while I know how I feel and have read your messages, to see my children participate is unmatched.  Take a peek as they show you how easy it is to be part of the challenge by clicking here!

Make someone's day.... What do you have to lose..? That is right - absolutely nothing. Hugs, Danielle

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

30 Day Gratitude Challenge - Are You Doing It?

Who do you appreciate? Have you told them? Are you are over-due in sharing your gratitude? Take a peek at the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge that many in our SendOutCards family are participating in for a month. Now look at our CardsAndMohr team and customers who jonied us.... we are in awe of you!

As I mention in the video, we want to hear from YOU! Please message us via email or Facebook. Connect w/ us for a $31/mo account so you pay 62 cents a card - add the stamp and you have just made someone's day... month... year for about $1.