Friday, April 27, 2012

Fundraising Ideas

Do you do any type of fundraising - for school, church, non-profit or other? Do you have a way to stay in touch with your donors year after year? Do you have a quick, convenient, and inexpensive way to send a "thank you card?"  If not, take a peek at this video.

You can be a card sender... in your individual, business and service relationships. I would love the opportunity to share how easy our SendOutCards system is for managing all your contacts (database), dates, cards and campaigns to be sent at a later time.

You have a chance to make a difference in your fundraising efforts. Make sure you take a moment to appreciate those who donated to your efforts so they will want to donate again next year.  Try the system out - send a card at by clicking here!

All my best,

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Dates" with Your Kids

It's been a long time since grad school and I would never consider myself a parenting "expert," but I do want to take a moment to share a couple of ideas. 

If your is like our  house, it is busy - no matter how many children you have... there are school, events, extra-cirriculars, meals, shopping, playdates, doctor appointments and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, you may find it hard to slow down and just "be" with your child in that moment. There are two ideas I'd like to share that make a difference in our house.

(1) Stagger Bedtimes
(2) Take Your Child on a Date

Let me write some details. We have three kiddos (3-6-9 y/o) and bedtime for Mom/Dad takes about an hour a half - you might be thinking, what? Basically each night, each kiddo gets about 30 minutes with Mom and/or Dad. The preschooler starts first - it's bath, then 1:1 time - it varies: snuggles, TV time, reading, quiet game... things to get ready for bed. When he offiically goes to bed, it's one book, prayer, and hugs/kisses.  Then our 1st grader gets his solo time, followed by our 3rd grader.

I LOVE these quiet times - the focus is all on that child. It allows us to return to anything touched on at dinner (that'll be another entry), relax, chat about school, subjects, friends - make small talk and address anything that comes up or use it as a teaching lesson while they are young. The boys each have their favorite things to do and it varies - I love it because even as fast as my 3rd grader wants to grow up, he still wants his time with Mom/Dad.

It is my hope to always keep the lines of communication open - for big or small concerns. Even if I get the 'oh mom' plus a sigh, I'll joke about that I always hope he'll come to me for any questions. The boys really love it because instead of having to 'fight' to get a word in or feel like someone stole their thunder at an announcement, the focus is all them.  And the boys are respectfuly to each other during their bedtime snuggles/routines - even if one of the big boys comes in for a question while I'm with the preschooler, I say (and my son hears me say) "That will have to wait, I'm spending my time with L. I'll help you once he is in bed."

Another great way to give your child that special one-on-one time, is to "date your child." HA! Not the "date - date," which the kids laugh about; however, you do want to make a point to do something special with each child.  Something specific to that child - their likes, their personalities, their dream.  We've done everything to sushi (ok, sushi rolls - but not bad for a 9 year old) taking them to basketball game to movies to bike rides to ice cream to arcade places to Legoland Discovery Center to playing at the park, feeding the ducks, and each kiddo gets a solo trip to San Antonio with Daddy when in Kinder or 1st grade to experience that for themselves.

The "date" doesn't have to be elaborate - it's about the quality of time. And you might find out a lot more about school, friends, concerns, fears, ideas and much more than in the one question "how was school today?"

Always wishing you the best in all of life's adventures -

From one momma to another, Danielle

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Michele Reynolds interviews Brian Cook

Dear CardsAndMohr SOC Team -

If you missed the interview with Michele Reynolds and SOC Executive, Brian Cook - go listen to it.  Here are some great nuggets, but the interview is worth the time!

From Michele's call and Blog, things to take away:

1. Help and serve other people genuinely.

2. Get some of that "Ignorance On Fire!"

3. Be a Master of Follow-Up.  Just a note, someone showed Brian SOC but did not get back to him on a simple question. As Jordan Adler says it, don't start and stop again over and over and over again.

4. Ours "autoship" is simple. It's $31/mo for 50 cards.  Brian shared in some Network Marketing Companies, they require a HUGE auto ship and you almost have to "encourage" people to stick to it.

5. Be a person of your word, hold people accountable and listen to what they want. Play with those that choose to intentionally engage... no need to chase anyone on your team who doesn't "want it."

6. Find your why! Brian shared losing his brother, Shawn Cook, who drown at age sixteen.  You can feel Brian's love and can see how this could change a person forever.

7. Share this with everyone! DUH. (See me smiling.)

8. Become laser focused.

9. Ask for referrals and call them. (Brian did this, and Executives Kim and Dave Welch are here and on his team because of a referral to Brian. Yeah!

10. Never give up. Even when you want to quit - don't! I hold Jordan's advice "never quit on a bad day" to myself.

11. Remember they are NOT rejecting you - they just do not want your stuff... YET.

12. Get to know your business builders and make them life-long friends. Make it be about THEM and not about you. Help them create life-changing stories that will engage others.

13. Be a great coach - and hold people accountable.

14. Be duplicatable!! That is what this whole business is about - it is set up so others can duplicate you, as you duplicate another. No new recipe - do what we know works... "Gather customers and show others how to gather customers."

15. It is NOT about YOU! Give that up and live your life for others. *You know this speaks volumes to me!  I truly believe the more you give, the more you get.

Now that you read this, go out and make a difference.

I'm always cheering you on!

Monday, April 9, 2012

No More Calling in Sick

YEAH - so thankful for a business I can run from my laptop... anywhere. Give me a computer and a telephone and I'm in business. What a week of illness at my house - last week, my little one was sick and today/tomorrow, my middle kiddo is out of school. I have wrote my appreciation in my Gratitude Journal that I am thankful that I didn't have to call anyone and 'ask for a sick day.' I am able to be mommy and business owner... I am in charge of my life...

If you are not in charge of your life, what can you do differently? What would a side business in network marketing provide you? Do your homework - there are so many companies. Find one that fits your personality and family needs.... Research the investment, the return, and the competition...  Find out: What is the commission rate? Can you earn a residual income with *just* customers? Do you need to team build to be successful?

I LOVE that our SendOutCards team gets that choice. Some of our SOC family are working "part-time" while still having an outside j-o-b.  I'm excited to see their progress.... For those who are just gathering customers, they are on their way to earning $2000/mo in residual income in a year. What would you do with $2000 a month?

And those that take their business to the next level and show others how to do the same thing are creating a legacy and a residual income for years and years to come. "The Future is Now" is our theme for convention - and I can't wait for the trip to Las Vegas, but I can't wait to see our team experience the trip. Amazing memories are waiting!!!

If SendOutCards has ever interest you for a business, take a look at the specifics on the business site.  Or if you want to try the sytem for a month or so, create an account thru this link.  With either option, you'll see what a difference you'll have in all your relationships!

If you are ready to join our SOC Family and Team, then message or call me. I will always be your biggest cheerleader.


Franchise vs. SOC

Hi Friends - I can't take credit for this information, but I felt it important to share.  The details from today's post is from an email from our SOC mentor, Jordan Adler.

"In this turbulent economy, one option to diversify would be to start a franchise. I personally think network marketing is a better option however just in case you're interested, here's some startup info. Keep in mind, it may take you 3-5 years to break even and you'll never experience residual income. You'll have to manage employees and do your own payroll and accounting. Don't forget, you'll have to sign leases and pay lawyers and franchise fees.

Before you sign up for one of these programs, you may want to consider that having a network marketing business requires none of this, has a residual component AND costs under $1000 to start (and by the way, the earning potential is significantly higher in network marketing).

So here are some options for you: 
1. Snap On Tools $135,390  # of locations 3,392
2. 7-Eleven $393,800  # of location 6,142
3. Aaron's $420,725 # of locations 1,749
4. Panera Bread $1,447,770 # of locations 1, 379
5. Servpro $156,250 # 1,571
6. McDonald's $1,480,625 # of locations 14,016
7. Liberty Tax Service $63,350 # of locations 3,592
8. Merry Maids $66,600 # of locations 943
9. The Maids Interntional $106,420 # of locations 1,053
10. Jimmy John's $395,500 # of locations 1,130

Please let me know if you need any more info on any of these opportunities. :) By the way, they are legally not allowed to tell you how much money you can make . . . but they have to tell you that you may lose all your money and that you probably won't break even for 3-5 years. "

Forget about the financial impact, instead take a look at your time freedoms... do you have it? Are you missing out on something or someone important in your life?  Anything worth having is worth time and love - where will you be in 3 to 5 years?  Probably the same place if you don't take the first step in a new direction.

These franchise have a huge range of investment cash, what if you could find the same opportunity with SendOutCards... for an investment of $295.  Check out the details on the business opportunity by clicking here.

Cheering you on! Shoot for the Moon -
Danielle & Family

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Unplug - 24 Hour Challenge

It’s Easter and our family has talked a lot about sacrifice with our preparation for Lent. As it comes to a close, I want you to consider all that has been sacrificed for you – in a deep, spiritual way and maybe in another manner. 
So as I challenge our family, I challenge you – For the next 24 hours to go UNPLUGGED.  Gasp!  I heard my husband too; he probably thinks I can’t do it.  Our family is unplugging today today, April 7th  at 6pm to Sunday, April 8th at 6 pm as our twenty-four hour period… decide what is best for you and what your limits will be.  We are unplugging everything – except for the phone. (We want to be able to talk to family for the holiday.)
Yep, to put it in writing, we are giving our family a break from all technology… the computer, iPad, smart phones (no cheating) to also avoid emails, Facebook, Twitter and some apps. In addition to these items, the kids are also unplugging and taking a 24 hour break from the Wii and Nintendo DS. This is about the part I start praying for good weather. J
And if for some reason you don’t think you can do 24 hours, then shoot for 12 – but make it meaningful for some daytime hours so you can change your focus and not run to your phone each time the text chime goes off or an email gets pushed.
Don’t think I don’t understand the torture of being without connection to the email and FB, but our family has always been my priority with my business and this is my 24 hours to prove to them that they will always be first – and for the kids to know they can ‘survive’ without their technology too.
In closing as you reflect on the sacrifices in religious or familiar stories, take this challenge. I’m going to bet you find the quality of time you have with your family heighten and the stress of feeling like you need to respond to the electronic world lessen.
From our family to you, Happy Easter!
Hugs, Danielle